Syphon Filter 4 Leaked?

Several site forums are reporting that the US PlayStation site accidently (or not?) hit the ‘post’ button on an article detailing Syphon Filter 4.

Of course, the post is no longer up but a few details were spotted:

  • It will be a sequel to the Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow video game for PSP system
  • It is being developed using a new engine by SCE London
  • The launch window is Q4 2012

The Syphon Filter franchise has been going for over a decade now, so this news will no doubt delight fans with the promise of a full on PS3 powered game.

Source: VG247



  1. I’ve never played a syphon filter game but have heard good things. Thankfully, this is 18 months off yet!

  2. Fingers crossed, loved logans shadow and combat ops

  3. Did it say PS3 or NGP?

    • PS3 apparently

    • Would be strange if it was PS3, but I guess it could be on both consoles if possible…. Much of the latest Syphon FIlter series only appeared on the PSP so it would be interesting if it made to the next PSP.

  4. Really looking forward to this after playing Logan’s Shadow. Maybe the two PSP games we be part of the remastered series. It would be nice to play them with two analog sticks.

  5. This is cool although I haven’t really played this series much, so.. if Sony are going make a game that hasn’t appeared since Playstation? (excluding Portable).

    Then it would be quite exciting to see a few more.. like guess what needs a sequel and possible resurrection on consoles? G-Police! and the space aircraft combat shootery thing that hasn’t really appeared since well…. Playstation with Colony Wars?! now they’re just on the pc platform…. not fair

    • Syphon Filter: Omega Strain was on PS2 :)

      • Also they released Logans Shadow on the PS2 only last year but it was State side only :( so I imported it! :)

    • Warhawk jumped from PS1 to PS3.

    • Aa I forgot about Warhawk…. I should do my research the next time Haha

  6. syphon filter was a great game,would be nice to see another on the ps3

  7. Great news, haven’t played a Syphon Filter game for years.

  8. Sony F”*KING DO IT!

    • DO IT NOW…

      • You seem rather indifferent to this news ;)

      • Sorry I lost my marbles at the so called rumour. I hope its true 8)

  9. Never picked any of the previous games in the series (though I really wanted them when they came out on the PS1), but I’d certainly be interested in it if it turns out to be true.

  10. i LOVED 1,2 and 3 on the PS1, so would like a HD updated version!

    • Hell yeah, a Syphon Filter trilogy/quadrilogy? HDremake collection…

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