TSA E3 Bingo: Your Picks

E3 Bingo

Just one week to go now until E3 opens its doors in L.A. and less than that until the pre-E3 press events kick off.  The first is actually towards the end of this week with Konami holding their event this coming Thursday, though what most of us would consider the main events kick off with Microsoft on Monday.

There were a total of 97 entries this year which is more than we have had in the past, giving me a total of 1,164 votes to record and track.  Some of you clearly chose to get as many of the twelve as you could from the Sony-related choices while others seemed to carefully spread your picks out amongst all or most of the sections.

Three of the choices available were not picked by anyone and we will get to those at the end of the post.  For now let’s take at look at what you did pick and how popular those picks were.  Here then are the items that you picked in order of popularity.  The number in brackets at the end is how many times it was picked.

7. Resistance 3 trailer or gameplay footage shown. {59}
6. ‘Starhawk’ trailer or gameplay footage shown. {58}
20. Sony reiterate their apology for the ‘PSN Hack’. {58}
31. Resistance 3 is playable on the show floor. {53}
32. inFamous 2 is playable on the show floor. {52}
15. NGP’s real name is revealed. {49}
3. New The Last Guardian trailer or gameplay footage shown. {45}
8. inFamous 2 trailer or gameplay footage shown. {45}
50. New Kinect unit sales numbers revealed.  (Newer than MS’ Q3 figures.) {41}
34. Twisted Metal PS3 is playable on the show floor. {39}
41. ‘Uncharted NGP’ will be a launch-day title. {39}
46. New WipEout NGP title announced. {33}

There you have your collective top twelve.  There is a good deal of agreement between your favourites and our own.  For example, your top seven can be found in our top eight, we just threw a bit of Kinect-powered Forza 4 in the mix.

17. NGP’s U.S. release date is announced. {32}
16. NGP’s U.S. pricing is announced. {30}
27. Agent trailer or gameplay footage shown. {23}
63. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword release date announced. {23}
11. ‘Sorcery’ trailer or gameplay footage shown. {21}
45. New Killzone NGP title announced. {21}
73. Activision wait for E3 for their Modern Warfare 3 reveal. {21}

Unfortunately there’s 21 of you who are already joining Kris in the ‘no longer possible to get a full house’ commiseration zone.  Don’t fret though, we’ve never had a score higher than 10 before so you could still set the new record.

58. Alan Wake 2 announced. {20}
39. The non-3G NGP’s U.S. price is between $250 and $300 inclusive. {18}

There’s another point of agreement.  Dan and Josh are, or were at the time of picking, in agreement with you on the likely price range for the non-3G version of the NGP/Vita.  Of course that was all before we heard the rumour that Sony are trimming the specs to get the cost down.  In the light of that would you have gone for the even lower price range on offer?

47. Forza 4 is played using Kinect at Microsoft’s press conference. {17}
5. Dylan Jobe appears on-stage to talk about ‘Starhawk’. {16}
21. The Sony tablets ‘S1′ & ‘S2′ get a mention or make an appearance. {15}
22. The Xperia Play gets a mention or makes an appearance. {15}

Here’s a coincidence.  Though seven of you did vote for both the tablets and Xperia Play joining the E3 party at Sony’s press conference, each picked up another eight votes to give the devices the same likelihood of appearing.

33. ‘Sorcery’ is playable on the show floor. {15}
70. Ubisoft announce that an Assassin’s Creed movie will be Ubisoft Motion Pictures’ first production. {15}
23. Kevin Butler does NOT make an appearance. {14}
30. ‘Starhawk’ is playable on the show floor. {14}
4. The Last Guardian played on-stage. {11}
13. New MGS game announced for both PS3 and NGP. {11}

I had expected number 13 to appear higher up the list.  Given how many of you are fans of the franchise, is this a case of not wanting to be too disappointed if it doesn’t show?

54. Halo: Combat Evolved HD playable on the show floor. {11}
55. The new 343 Industries Halo title is revealed. {11}
60. Monster Hunter 3DS announced. {11}
12. ‘Sorcery’ played on-stage. {10}
18. Jack Tretton plays one or more NGP games on-stage. {10}
69. Super Mario Galaxy 3 will be a ‘Wii HD’ launch title. {10}
72. Ubisoft announce Far Cry 3. {10}
1. Kazunori Yamauchi appears on-stage to talk about Gran Turismo NGP. {9}
66. Like the Dreamcast’s VMU, the ‘Wii HD’ controller will enable you to take elements of your game ‘on the move’. {9}
71. Assassin’s Creed 3 (the game after Revelations) announced. {9}
26. New firmware update announced that introduces a streamlined in-game XMB. {8}
35. The Last Guardian is playable on the show floor. {8}
74. EA announce Mirror’s Edge 2. {8}
29. Q Games announce the first of their second series of PixelJunk games (i.e., PixelJunk 2-1). {7}

On a personal note I am glad number 29 garnered a handful of votes.  I am especially grateful to those of you who have seeming voted for it for no other reason than you know it is high on my list of hoped for news every year.  ;-)

48. Crytek’s Codename: Kingdoms played at Microsoft’s press conference. {7}
62. Kid Icarus Uprising release date announced. {7}
64. ‘Wii HD’ controller looks remarkably like the bottom half of a 3DS in terms of features and appearance. {7}
14. New MGS game will feature significant cross-platform (PS3/NGP) functionality. {6}
19. PSPgo hailed as a useful experiment that helped guide the development of the NGP. {6}
44. Monster Hunter NGP announced. {6}

Number 44 is another that surprises me by being so low on the list.  I would have thought that after the astonishing success that Monster Hunter has had on the PSP over the last six months, that it is almost a given that it will see a release on the NGP.  Or is it just that you all it that it is more likely to be revealed at TGS instead of E3?

49. GTA 5 revealed at Microsoft’s press conference. {6}
68. Super Mario Galaxy 3 is one of the playable ‘Wii HD’ games. {6}
28. At least a tentative release window (season & year or better) announced for Agent. {5}
42. Final Fantasy NGP announced. {5}
51. Xbox 360′s successor announced. {5}
9. Teaser trailer shown for Bungie’s new EA-published cross platform title. {4}
40. The non-3G NGP’s U.S. price is more than $300. {4}
56. Crackdown 3 is announced. {4}
65. A 3DS can be used as a ‘Wii HD’ controller. {4}
75. EA show a version of Dead Space 2 running on the ‘Wii HD’. {4}
2. Kazunori Yamauchi plays Gran Turismo NGP on-stage. {3}
36. PS2 software emulation finally working and will be delivered before the year’s end. {3}
38. The non-3G NGP’s U.S. price is less than $250. {3}
59. MGS Vancouver’s Kinect shooter announced. {3}
67. A side-scrolling Metroid game is announced for the 3DS. {3}
10. Splinter Cell: Conviction announced for PS3. {2}
52. Nokia-made, Xbox-branded, gaming-focused Windows Phone revealed. {2}
57. Shadow Complex 2 is announced. {2}
24. PlayStation 3 160GB console MSRP dropped to $249.99 ($50 cheaper than now). {1}
43. Syphon Filter NGP announced. {1}
61. Pikmin 3DS announced. {1}

It’s disappointing that there’s not more Pikmin love out there.  How cute would they look running around the garden in 3D!  :-)

Last but not least here are the three that none of those who entered think will come true next week.

25. PlayStation 3 160GB console dropped from range. 320GB MSRP drops to $299.99.
37. PSP-4000 announced.  PSP will live on as Sony’s low-end handheld.
53. Milo returns from his time in the media wilderness to star in a new Lionhead game.

With just a few days until we can start ticking these off I am pretty confident that we should see at least half of them come true, which should give someone who didn’t pick number 73 a reasonable chance at a full house.

Before I go I just wanted to add a quick thank you to everyone who entered, especially those who mentioned in their entries how much they enjoy playing TSA’s E3 Bingo every year.  While it’s initially fun coming up with the list there’s a reasonable amount of effort involved in tracking everybody’s votes, but it’s an effort that’s worth it knowing it’s appreciated by the community.

Good luck with your picks!



  1. EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekk!! So excited, E3 is always one of the highlights of the year for me … and i dont even go …. would explode if i did!

    • shouldn’t that have been EEEK! ;)

  2. If I get a full house, I want a show on TSA, where i predict the gaming future. It shall be called ErroAttack.

    Looking forward to E3 and the results, just a shame the Sony conference is so late >_>

    • This is a GOOD thing in my opinion as I will no doubt be up at that time but it will be well past the time I can ever revise – check the time of this post for instance. So I shall watch it ANDDDD I will probably have very good internet at that time too. TRIPLE YAY!

  3. Looks like I won’t be getting a full-house then. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU…….

  4. =D Aweeeesome

    • Yes, truly fantastic. Thanks Greg!

      Looks like I was thinking along similar(ish) lines to the rest of TSA when I chose my numbers.

  5. Not only am I still on for a full house (not that I’ll come close), only 5 others reckon Monster Hunter will come out on NGP?
    Two surprises there!

    • Oh, and sorry Watchful…
      I just saw how I labelled the subject line of my entry…
      I like the TSA Bingo very much, less so the Binogo! :D

      • You’re lucky I spotted that one trying to sneak by the mail filter. :)

      • Earning your TSA ID name there :p

  6. Exams finish on the 6th. E3 starts on the 7th. Win.

    If only I was actually going…

    • Exams begin on the 6th for me, and on the E3 day i have a 2 hour history exam that morning and a 30 min science one. Gonna attempt to ignore it until they’re both over. Your lucky :P

  7. nice! i’m hoping i got these right :P

  8. i picked the top 3.
    i’m surprised so few people picked starhawk being playable on the show floor.

    don’t worry, i won’t brag* if i get a full house.

    *not much anyway. ^_^

  9. Sly 4?…:(

  10. Can’t wait to see what happens at E3 this year. I saw a few seconds of twitchy videos from 2009, I saw the whole thing in 2010 and this year I WANT to be there or watch it all again buttt I SHOULD be revising >< 5 exams over 3 days in the following weeks of E3 with another 3 dotted around them. :(

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