A Look At Brink’s Stat-Tracking Hub

Splash Damage have recently launched a stat-tracking companion for their innovative team-based shooter, Brink. Not only does the site present players with basic personal information such as kills, XP etc. but also an in-depth look into your performance (how many support/offensive objectives you carry out, which abilities you use most.) It’s a brilliant tool and one which clearly allows you to spot your advantages and weaknesses, no matter which character class you favour.

More interesting is the meta-game focus. The hub features a “Battle Home” page which tracks the efforts of both the Resistance and Security forces daily. The Ark is divided in several segments, one for each map/zone, showing which faction currently dominates that area with reports being updated on a daily basis. Here are some interesting factoids:

  • 840,998 matches have been played on the Xbox 360, compared to 282,200 on the PlayStation 3.
  • The Resistance is winning with a 63% majority for both formats.
  • Refuel is currently being held by the Security on both formats, with an 62% average majority. In Refuel, the Resistance is tasked with stealing and flying a jet away from the Ark in search of outside aid, the Security trying to prevent them. It’s widely regarded as one of the hardest maps in the game.
  • On the other hand, the Resistance have locked down Container City with a 73% average majority. It is considered the largest and most diverse level in the game, with a number of combined objectives and vantage points for both factions.

Anyone can access the hub, though if you want check out your own records, first you need to go into Brink’s main menu and select “Online Stats,” (Note that PC stat-tracking has yet to be enabled.) This will provide you with a code you can use to register with the hub. Splash Damage are teasing a clan hub for future release.

For someone who has played as Security since the game’s launch, the statistics are a definite shock, and I will gunning down some “bandits” tonight to help my faction even the score before the battle clock runs to zero.


  1. Interesting what you say about the number of matches played. The PS3 version has definately become a victim of the network outage. Which is a shame as I really enjoy the game.

    I just get frustrated ending up on a team with a load of bots and getting annihilated.

  2. I do love me some stat tracking… too bad the game is dreadful :D

    • Why do you think it is dreadful?

      • Naff visuals, clunky game play, terrible AI, only a few levels to play, very questionable latency issues, hit and miss SMART system, boring objectives…. suffice to say I hated that game, which is a shame as it looked amazing in the dev videos etc.

    • It’s far from dreadful. Though the launch was admittedly rough and little short on content, Brink is shaping up to be one of my 2011 favs.

      • I agree, it is far from rubbish.

        The most enjoyable shooter I have played in a long time. Hopefully the game is well supported past this upcoming DLC as my only criticism would be a lack of maps and online modes.

      • I agree, it is far from rubbish.

        The most enjoyable shooter I have played in a long time. Hopefully the game is well supported past this upcoming DLC as my only criticism would be a lack of maps and online modes.

    • the game isn’t dreadful, but the AI is!

      • I dont think the AI is that bad, its a bit lazy and sometimes hilariously oblivious, but it’s better than in a lot of games..

      • The AI is pretty bad, but they get better as you level up, and so do the enemy AI.

  3. Teabag titan!! hahahahah nice!!

  4. How much a month do you have to pay for this stat tracking?

    • well said Winkle, Activision…take a massive hint. This stuff should be free. I will be checking mine out tonight.

      • It not a sense of entitlement its more a case of nearly every other game has this for free and its been around for a long time so why should Activison charge( I know biggest selling game ever etc)? I’ve just got this gut feeling that a lot of companies will use this a case model and copy it just as with every FPS these days trying to do what COD does.
        I really hope it falls flat on its arse but deep down I just know it wont :(

      • Oops press the wrong reply link…

    • Where do you have to pay for stat-tracking?

      If you’re talking about CoD Elite then the stat tracking part of it is free as is all of the features mentioned in the ‘Career’, the premium part of CoD Elite (‘Connect, Compete & Improve’) includes other stuff.

      There’s a lot of FUD spoken about CoD and CoD Elite, particularly on TSA

      • Connect, Compete & Improve should also be free, the DLC I can understand.

      • Not the place for a debate on this, but I think that’s a misplaced sense of entitlement creeping in, its extra stuff – if you don’t want it (as I don’t) there is no need to pay.

        From CoD’s 20 million weekly players I’d say up to a million of its core players will sign up, it doesn’t affect the other 19m one way or the other.

        Saying that I only play each CoD until I hit my ‘glass ceiling’ then take advantage of the amazing trade-in prices for it, in-part, thanks to its lack of online pass, usually making a small profit in the process

        But I see nothing in connect, compete & improve which will lessen the experience that millions of people have bought into each year until now. It’s all extra (for CoD) and takes nothing away from what is already being enjoyed.

      • from what I have read, including on TSA, it states that if you want extra stats, then you need to buy Elite. Most games include everything you need for stats. And also, you can’t take away the fact Activision try to rinse every penny from COD players, especially with overpriced map packs. Whether they purchase them or Elite, is up to them, i’m just stating that most other games, including Brink have all that you need, for free.

      • That’s my issue with it. As i stated on the article on prestige, KZ2 offered most of the things that prestige does free in the game itself over two years ago. Don’t get me wrong, i like the idea of a more detailed stats system but i just think that when you’re charging as much as they want to for the game, it should be included in that.

  5. 840,998 matches on Xbox 360 versus 282,200 on PlayStation 3.

    Some actual figures that show the damage the PSN outage has done/is doing.

    • I had it as a rental on release day, quite liked it, but wanted to play some of the seamless co-op/multiplayer as I found the bots got boring quickly even though they were better than most games bots.

      The lack of PSN killed the game for me at the time

      • and there still isn’t many human players online.. maybe 2 a game if you’re lucky.

      • Sign up for the meet tonight!

  6. The PS3 version is still the best one even if the player count is lower. Hopefully people will play it more when the price goes down.

  7. the level where Security have to repair the crane then hack the mainframe in the middle of an open area is by far the hardest level IMO. right pain if you’re going for platinum!

    • I found the one where you have to hack the air thingys to shut the fans down hard as they’re in an open area with 3 entrances D:

      By the sound of it everyone’s finding different ones difficult.

  8. This seems like a thing MAG should have had.

  9. Is it any good?

  10. I felt that the reviews were a little harsh, as the game is actually pretty fun and decent overall, but that’s about where it stops. It’s decent at best. It really opens up after you unlock customizing options and gun mods, but there are some clear flaws in the game. Map design is very questionable. It seems that every single objective is in a tight choke point, which forces a clusterfuck in the vicinity every single time (think Search and Destroy in Killzone 2). The AI is also some of the worst I have experienced since I started gaming about 26 years ago. It’s like the enemy has ray tracers on you with every single bullet. I can deal with lower health as a default on higher difficulties, but it makes absolutely no sense to get hit with every bullet. It makes matters worse when your AI team mates have the IQ of eeyore. They do the absolute bare minimum to help, and that’s when they aren’t just standing there facing a random wall. I love the team aspect and the amount of abilities, but overall, the game just got old quick. There are some great ideas in there, but the execution was just off. I’ve already moved on. Too bad I’ll be missing out on any DLC.

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