PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Tonight

The PSN maintenance that was meant to happen yesterday will be going ahead as of tonight. From 16:30 on Wednesday 1 June 2011 until 07:01 on Thursday 2 June 2011, UK time you will be unable to access the following services:

  • PlayStation Store on PS3 and PSP (HA!).
  • PlayStation Network Account Management.
  • PlayStation Network Account Registration.

“In addition, you will not be able to sign in to PlayStation Network from If you wish to play online during the maintenance, please ensure you sign in to PSN before 16:30 on Wednesday 1 June 2011.”

Source: OPC, Thanks Tim



  1. We cannot currently access the PlayStation store anyway though.

    • That was my first thought!

    • Hopefully the ‘maintenance’ will be one step closer bringing the store online.

    • Hence the (Ha!).. but yeah, pretty stupid of them putting it..

  2. SONY doesn’t seem to have a clue.

    • Why? I would rather the store was secure and safe before being rebooted. Last thing sony need is a rush job on the store and then leaving it comepletely open to attacks again. There must have been a hitch last night, because this was meant to happen last night.

      • It’s the third time they announce something and postpone again (always at the very last moment).

        You’re right that they’d better get it right the first time. If it gets hacked again and there’s another long PSN outage, it’s over & out for Sony.

      • @Klart
        Next time they should just take PSN login down for the planned time, even if they don’t do any actual maintenance. Then they can announce that it was a success but they need to maintain some more the next day. Would that make you happier?
        I prefer companies to lie as little as possible to me.

    • I think it’s just a standard announcement, rather than they do not know.

    • I’m sure that Sony have full knowledge of what they’re doing and that the Devs and Implementation teams are all fully aligned with their go-live plans. The ‘Go/No Go’ meetings have almost certainly been taking place over the last couple of days and no doubt the delay yesterday was down to something spotted in the ‘Go/No Go’ meeting yesterday or the day before.

  3. So any word why it was postponed from yesterday then??

  4. “You will be unable to access the following services: PlayStation Store on PS3 and PSP.”

    That made me laugh :) Sony, you joker!

    • Maybe it was meant to say “From 16:30 on Wednesday 1 June 2011 until 07:01 on Thursday 2 June 2011, UK time you will be (un)ABLE to access the following services:

      PlayStation Store on PS3 and PSP.”

      Quick!!!! Everyone to the store!!! only joshing lol

  5. Delay anyone?

  6. Hopefully that means the store might be back after the maintenance..

  7. I can’t log into for the past 24 hours!

  8. ><
    Don't think I'd be able to sign in at 6pm for Motorstorm Online -_-
    Ah well might aswell do time trials instead.

    • Exactly my thoughts, Im not getting home till bout half 5 so looks like I’ll be in the offline modes too.
      Was looking forward to getting my ass kicked by you and MadJunkboy tonight as well, ;-)

  9. Thursday certainly sounds like “near the end of the week”, could this finally be the return of the store? Just when my internet has started playing up again, typical!

    • Funny how disillusioned you can become with something. I know Sony are fighting fires every day of the week but, wow, each day with service interruption feels like yet another punch in the nads.

      • they have a lot on there plate mate.

      • lol…punch in the nads, not heard that in a while.

      • Absolutely, just that it can still leave a customer rather jaded and I’ve remained as calm as Mother Teresa (and she’s dead) throughout the entire initial fallout. :-)

        It just leaves you with that “meh” feeling but I’ll be very happy to see the store back online.

        For me, this is the important time for Sony to get things up and running as it’s now been so long that people will simply drift away gently instead of the whole knee-jerk “f*** you, Sony, I’m going to buy an Xbox” in the first week or two.

  10. Gives me time to get my last 50 cards in MotorStorm Apocalypse then for another Platinum! :P

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