Massive NGP/PS Vita Info Blowout!

It seems that the NGP event held recently might have had some sort of embargo. There’s been a massive eruption of information from several major sites this evening. Obviously, having been excluded from this event, we can’t make too much comment ourselves but here’s a rough summary of what’s come out.

The Uncharted game got a subtitle: Golden Abyss. It will be a prequel with imaginative use of the touchscreen and plenty of graphical fairy dust.


The Super Stardust game also got a fancy subtitle, Delta, and will make use of as many of the NGP’s control options as possible. It’s a twin stick shooter but you can drop bombs by shaking, power up by swiping the rear touch surface and target with screen taps.

The gorgeous-looking WipEout 2048 was confirmed for NGP and given interoperability with certain tracks on the PlayStation 3 version of WipEout HD Fury. It’s set on streets, making good use of the tried and tested wow factor of real-world landmarks and it uses all the touch and tilt goodness the NGP can provide.

There were also screens for Hustle Kings, Little Deviants, Reality Fighters and something called Sound Shapes that looks decidedly like something PixelJunk would make.

It all looks amazing but it sounds like they might be overdoing it with the novelty controls in much the same way that turned many traditional gamers off the Wii. I will admit that I’m also concerned that Sony have missed the shifting tides of mobile gaming towards casual and are once again trying to put a super-powered home console in our hands. But then I look at how gorgeous WipEout 2048 looks and I don’t care anymore.

Hopefully Sony will let us see it next week at E3 and we can give you our full, unfettered opinions.

Source: various posts on CVG, mostly, with a bit of Eurogamer too.



  1. it’ll be uncharted and the like that will sell me

    • I thought the staff touted this site as being reputable. Doesn’t sound like it to me seeing as you havent been invited to two huge pr events in England when it seems every other news outlet has.

      • I thought this one was in Santa Monica?

      • Nope both this and the MW3 event were held in London, thesixthaxis was invited to neither.

      • I think it’s pretty much luck of the draw with these sort of things, this event might have been aimed at smaller sites, perhaps.

      • And a-trolling we shall go? Just saw a motorstorm apocalypse advert in EDGE this month with a thesixthaxis review quote… go baq to joystiq pleez.

      • Reputable != size. Only 5 UK places for the NGP event, two went to Imagine/Future it appears. We’ll have time with NGP at E3 next week.

  2. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the countdown in… Looking forward for it!

  3. I cant wait to own the NGP it is looking good

    • It will be quite expensive. So get your wallet ready.

  4. Really excited now about this. I just hope everything they release etc for it that they don’t make it all available on PS3 too. If they did this then I wouldn’t bother forking out for one.
    Really interested to see what they show at E3!! Can’t wait.

    • i think they should… playing with people on the PS3 with NGP is a really cool feature. Monster Hunter will be perfect for that

  5. Mobile gaming and portable gaming are two different markets. People need to understand this. People who want to play i-phone games will not buy the NGP or DS and vice versa. I’m of the latter.

    • Im both, but they have their time and place.

      PS3 – upstairs with hours to kill
      PSP – Around the house for shorter but still quite lengthy playing times.
      Phone – Quick bursts when i have a few minutes waiting around

      • My PSP and my DS get played when I’m in my room, on the toilet or going away on a long trip.
        My PS3 gets played when I’m in the room where it’s set up downstairs, and my phone gets played when I’m bored in a lecture/ on a train/ got a few minutes to spare/ etc.
        I’m more likely to surf the internet on my phone than play a game though.

      • I’m with you guys on this one.

  6. Any idea if Uncharted will have multiplayer?

    • I hope so.
      Sony Bend did some really solid multiplayer in Syphon Filter and Resistance on PSP.

      • If you’re going to play outside your house online, they’ll make you pay for mobile Internet.

  7. What I like so far is that they seem to be choosing the right games for the system. Seems like I great start so far. Here’s hoping they get that all important price bracket right…

  8. The main WIN about the NGP for me is the twin sticks, i’m not that enthusiastic about touch screen but so long as it’s used sparingly and appropriately i don’t mind.
    Looking at Reality Fighters, or rather it’s backgrounds , i’m thinking you might be able to use your own photos ..?

  9. Sound Shapes – hmph., no mention on Johnathan Mak? Everyday Shooter was a cool game, very excited to see how Sound Shapes will play.

    • IGN rated it as better than Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and I must say, it does sound like it could be another massive new IP in the style of LBP was on PS3.
      Level creator and all…

  10. MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm WipEout 2048 <3

    • Aye, I’m with Peter on this one. I hope they angle the games market just right. No reason why there can’t be everything on there. From PixelJunk games to iPhone type games to massive franchises like Uncharted, etc.

      Oh, and that shot of Wipeout looking down on the city as it flies over transparent track? Ho-Lee-Sheet!

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