PS Vita Game Images Leak Out

Looks like Sony were showing off the NGP (or Vita) recently to the press at a London event.

We weren’t invited so we don’t know what the plan is, but have posted seemingly the first shots of some games, along with their impressions, including some titles we didn’t know about – one looks like a Pixeljunk game.

Hopefully we’ll get some time with the system at E3 next week.

Via GAF.


  1. Glad WipEout is still a NGP title then :)

  2. Super Stardust, Uncharted and Wipeout!? Nice :)

    • Yeah, was very happy to see Super Stardust. Didn’t know about that game before now.

  3. Some tasty screenshots there. Wipeout looks fantastic!

    • not too sure about number 13…..??

      • The style looks like PixelJunk.

      • Loco Roco was my first guess, but on closer inspection: probably not.

      • Yeah, Pixeljunk for sure.

      • Yeah It is Pixeljunk. Q-Games have a conference scheduled for E3.

      • reminds me of an old psp game exit, but you’re probably right with pixeljunk

      • I’m going with something new. I would have said PixelJunk if I didn’t know their style so well, and that isn’t it.

    • +1 on wipeout, by far my fave PSN game, and I still think that it has the best graphics for a console game.

  4. I sometimes wonder if leaks are Sony’s strategy. They would have to know that someone would leak stuff in the run up to E3 when they hold such events. So reason why you guys weren’t invited is probably because you honor embargo’s:P

  5. Colour me impressed

  6. Those Uncharted images are very impressive. Is it being created by Naughty Dog or another developer?

    I just hope the NGP/Vita isn’t too expensive.

    • I think its another dev

  7. Very impressive. Just been playing with a 3DS and that is excellent. Vita/NGP needs to be slick as to stop me buying a 3DS.

  8. Actually really impressed with those screens. It all looks rather gorgeous – graphically wiping the floor with the 3DS, I’d say.

  9. Lovely stuff! Looking forward to the E3 announcement a lot this year.

    @Raider197: Uncharted NGP is made by Sony Bend not Naughty Dog. They did the PSP Syphon Filter and Resistance games.

    • Oh… that makes that much more exciting, they’ve made some great games

  10. Wipeout looks great

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