Shenmue Creator Working On Kinect Game

According to Develop, Shenmue creator and all-round legend Yu Suzuki is working on a new fighting game for Kinect.

Whilst it’s not exactly the return to grace we were expecting from the guy that pushed the Dreamcast to insane levels, Premium Agency are behind the game with Suzuki as executive producer.


“The impact this new role has on Suzuki’s relationship with Sega is unknown,” says the site.  Indeed.

Yu Suzuki worked on a number of high profile Sega games of old, many playable as arcade games from within Shenmue, including Space Harrier, Out Run, After Burner and – fittingly – Virtua Fighter…



  1. If I remember correctly, Shenmue had some of the best forklift truck mechanics ever seen in a game. I kind of hope this Kinect game is a forklift truck sim.

    Who’s with me?

    • I can drive a forklift in real life… I really, really, really don’t want to come home in the evening and do it “virtually” too.

  2. how’s he going to do QTEs with kinect

    • Slap yourself in the face, grab your croth… so many possibilities! :P

  3. – Meanwhile at the Legion of Doom;

    “Wait, hang on, I’ve got it. If we associate Kinect with the Dreamcast then everyone will start to think of it in terms of a console success story! Who’s with me? Er, guys?…”

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