US PlayStation Store Is Live

Quick post: the PlayStation Store is live, at least the US one, with stacks of new content.

Whilst the Welcome Back isn’t yet available, there’s loads of stuff on there including a couple of old demos (Rainbow Six and Dante’s Inferno for Plus subscribers) and some new ones (Lego Pirates, Red Faction for everyone else) plenty of DLC and some new discounts – the full list is here.


The quirky but flawed Sega Rally made the cut, too.

We’ll chase info on the EU Store as soon as we can, along with a full update.



  1. UK up now ! Just having a nose will post again soon !

  2. Can’t get at any demos – keep getting error messages – well done SONY !

  3. Uk store not fully up keep getting errors as I try to explore but slowly starting to work.

    • I’m getting a fair few error messages but by cancelling and re entering it seems to work, can’t add any nosy in to my wallet mind.

      Currently downloading some new PS+ content, quite happy with what they’ve supplied.

  4. UK up, getting the odd error but still managing to download demos etc.

  5. I’m now managing to download the new tennis demo (Can’t remember if its top spin or Actua) but it’s still all over the place. No sign of any welcome back yet.

  6. I was starting to think it would never happen haha.

    • Wow Hong Kong severs are back online FINALLY! Not the HK store though so I guess my Mortal Kombat pass will have to wait a little bit longer…

  7. Great, i get all excited about the store being back only to read that the welcome back package isnt live, sounds bout right lol

    • Well before they can even think about the WB package they have to get all the regions stores upnand stable. Only then will they do it. The WB package is very hard to administrate so it might take some time. Sony said fromnthe outset that it wont start same day as the store.

  8. It timed me out and now I can’t log back in again !

  9. sweet, ill have a gander once ive finished work

  10. It’s buggy as hell. Keeps freezing and having error messages then erroring the error messages.

    May just be the system getting back on its feet but the downloads seem to be quick unless its the fact hardly anyone’s download right now!

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