What Are Spark Unlimited Working On?

As I’m typing this the TSA community ‘NuTSAck podcast’ is being recorded, guest hosted by yours truly, and we are talking about E3 rumours. Whilst researching the topic I uncovered this post on Battlefront3.net which suggest developers Spark Unlimited are working on Battlefront 3.

The rumour was posted back in January and the team on Battlefront3.net are ‘skeptical’ about the rumour. However, if we go and take a look at the Spark Unlimited website they have listed a number of jobs vacancies including ‘Senior Combat Designer’

Spark is looking for a senior multiplayer designer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure title in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently greenlit for full production development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets.

Previous Battlefront games have been third person and the mention of a ‘high-profile science fiction franchise’ certainly narrows the field down.  Other jobs listed include Multiplayer Front-End Engineer and a Senior Multiplayer Designer.

If this sounds vaguely famliar it’s because we knew some of this information in July last year but at that time we also referenced a LinkedIn profile that suggested the mysterious project was a ‘sword fighting game’.

We know that Terminal Reality are releasing a third person Kinect Lightsaber game so it’s unlikely LucasArts would have two third person sabre games in development, so what have Spark Unlimited been working on for the past three and half years?

Source: Spark Unlimited / Battlefront.net


  1. Not Star Wars it’s a free-roaming Firefly game, where you get to travel from planet to planet taking on a multitude of story and side missions and working alongside the crew of Serenity who are all voiced by the original cast.

    • Man that would be awesome.

      • Seconded. My mind = blown if the ever gets made.

        But if this is Battlefront 3, then that’s the next best thing, the second was the most played shooter on my ps2 by a mile. Provided it has local coop that is.

      • Ssuper cool idea

      • That has to happen! Serenity/Firefly ftw!

  2. I’m so sorry for accusing you of being distracted from our podcast for “other reasons”. ;)

    • No it’s ok, you were correct, I was having a w*nk at the same time.

      • Oh thank god, I thought I was wrong. What a relief. ;)

  3. I’m afraid I am utterly exploding with frantupilus joy and wonder of one million rainbows

  4. …..and bring me the developers. I want them alive….

    • sounds like something bob kotic said when those guys went to EA

  5. man i loved battle front. a new game on the current generation would be mind blowing

  6. I was a little excited, but then I read up on the studio. Same people behind Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Legendary. I have a bad feeling about this.

  7. ALSO another point to make is that Spark is looking for jobs dealing with UNREAL ENGINE 3, which LUCASARTS just licensed from EPIC!!!

    Here’s proof: http://www.joystiq.com/2011/04/26/lucasarts-licenses-unreal-engine-3-for-long-term-multi-project/

    I’m guessing BF3 will be announced at E3 or COMIC-CON!!!!

  8. I love Battlefront…
    but… spark unlimited???
    Turning Point??? Legendary?!?!
    Neither of those games where either Legendary or the turning point of the genre…

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