ICO/SOTC Collection Gets Japan Release Date

The eagerly anticipated HD remakes of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are both due to launch in Japan on September 22nd. Instead of being bundled onto a single Blu-Ray disc, which is the norm for Sony’s “HD Classic” collections, the games will be sold separately for ¥3,890 (roughly £30.) Though an unconventional method of distribution, many suspect that it will only apply to the Japanese versions of both games. ¥6,980 (roughly £50) will bag you the Team Ico bundle, including both boxed games, codes for a pair of dynamic themes, and a 100-page artbook (as pictured below.)


Both games are due to launch with the expected bonus features, including revamped HD graphics, 7.1 audio, trophy support, and stereoscopic 3D. A Western launch date has yet to be verified, though with localisation already finished, we’re pinning our hopes on October/November or maybe even September if Sony wants to beat the pre-holiday influx.

Source: Dengeki



  1. Really looking forward to this! Hopefully the art book bundle will make its way over here too.

  2. I need this.

  3. I have the original PS2 Special/Limited Edition of Ico…I feel special that I experienced this first time around as it was overlooked by so many! :)

  4. I also have the limited PS2 ed of ICO, and I never got to experience it – my GF made me promise not to play it without her, but we ended up not playing all the way through, because it upset her so much whenever the characters died. And then we just forgot about it.

    Not this time though, we are gonna power through in delicious HD!

    • I also played through it with the missus and to this day it’s still her favourite game…that and Nazi Zombies. So I married her :)

      My only concern with SOME remastered games is that they don’t always live up to the wonderful memories as gaming has moved on so much, so perhaps I’ll give this a miss, but would recommend it to everyone who never played or completed it first time around. Games such as this and even Dead Space where there is no HUD immerses you into the game so much more.

  5. Played through a couple of colllo, colooss, collossuss, oh bollocks, monsters on my PS2 the other day and the framerate drop was more apparent than ever. I am so looking forward to this love Ico, always play it through in one sitting with the crazy one hit light saber thingy. Hope we get a box set version too.

  6. Never played either of them, but really looking forward to SotC, even from the PS2 gameplay videos I’ve seen, it looked amazing. I just hope this doesn’t get released at the same time as The Last Guardian.

  7. Just sold my copy of SotC on eBay, some lucky schmo got their hands on my all time favourite PS2 game.. I really can’t wait for these 2 to be released. EVERYONE needs to experience SotC.

  8. that bundle looks sweet! I’ve got both games but would happily buy em again

    • Just watched the trailer… JUST TAKE MY MONEY DAMMIT

      • Tanzil, I couldnt agree more

      • Nicely put ;) the feeling’s mutual.

    Damn, this box looks great. I really hope we get an equally awesome box set.

  10. I wish ALL PS2 games came out like this(i know its impossible tho)
    DAY 1 anyway! :P

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