Microsoft Register New Domains Too

Ah E3, it’s harvest time for the rumour mongers. This time, hot on the heels of Sony’s oddly capitalised domain registrations, it’s the Redmond-based tech giants that are securing domains.

These are all for as-yet-unannounced games and services, including domains relating to Dance Central 2, Fable: The Journey and Kinect Sports: Season 2. Those three titles are hardly surprising, given that they’re some of the Xbox brand’s most reliable bankers of the past year. There are also hints at two new services, Kinect Fun Labs and X Commerce.

We would assume that Kinect Fun Labs is some sort of playground for the motion controller, possible utilising user generated content? X Commerce sounds like some way of selling you more Xbox-related gubbins but it might possibly be a method of packaging and selling your own gubbins via Xbox Live Marketplace?

If Microsoft are going to pitch more towards the lucrative casual market and make a concerted effort to break Sony’s near monopoly on user generated content in their games then perhaps allowing the most adept to profit from their creations is a way forward? Purely conjecture, of course but the week before E3 is a time for wild speculation, right?

Source: Superannuation



  1. Hope they are not going to start naming everything with an X (Xbox, Xcommerce, Xmusic, Xstimulator, etc.). Apple annoys me enough with it’s i products. Furthermore, Sony seem to have a thing for the letter Q at the moment – although to be fair ‘play’ would not get them very far (playStation, playThing, playBoy…).

  2. Are nintendo going to start doing this?

  3. Copycats!

  4. “Kinect Fun Labs”

    Hmm surely a misnomer? Kinect and Fun doth do not go hand in hand :D

  5. Ooohhhhh Fable: The Journey *does a little sex wee*

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