Dead Island E3 Trailer

Aaaarrrrgghhhhh! That’s not the sound of a Dead Island zombie, it’s the sound of me trying to keep up with all the news which is gushing from every possible source like a gaming news tsunami.

Tsunamis regularly hit tropical islands, much like the island featured on, er, Dead Island.


Oh dear, not doing too well with this link, am I? Can you all be sweethearts and just watch the trailer without the need for any waffle from me up here? I’ll try harder with the next item, I promise.

Source: YouTube



  1. kewl.

  2. i am already sold on this game… =)
    man i want this game!!! is there any release date on it yet??

  3. oh no :/ i really don’t like the rapper character. he just comes across as a dick. the one thing that seems to be wrong with this game are the characters everything else looks top notch

  4. Looks sweet, can’t wait

  5. So the characters seem a bit OTT and lame. But this is starting to look incredible!

  6. Looks cool.

  7. Jury’s out, for me. It’s a far better trailer than the last one (the gameplay) but I still want to feel the emotions attached to the original (and incredible) trailer. I appreciate that’s almost impossible in itself but meet me half way, guys! :-\

  8. Looks good to me.

  9. If Dead Island ends up getting hundreds of bad reviews i don’t care, i’ll still be buying this. Just looks incredible.

  10. that looks like it could be up to par with the whole movie maturity that everyone keeps going on about, no?

    looks fucking epic. in the traditional sense of the word, not the meaningless internet cliché.

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