Just Dance 3 Announced For All Motion Controls

Ubisoft have just announced the third in their extremely successful Just Dance series. It’s coming to all motion controlled platforms for the first time ever. Available on Kinect, Move and Wii, it is scheduled for release on October 11th.

No doubt you’re all sniggering into yourselves right now but this sort of thing is a huge hit with the young ones. My nephew loves Just Dance 2 on the Wii, it’s almost embarrassing how much he likes it. Although, he did dance along to Gnomeo and Juliet, in the cinema.


They’re also announcing (as I type) something called Rocksmith for North America in October which teaches you to play guitar, apparently. Details are a bit sketchy on that one, it looks like a PS3/360 game but we’ll keep an eye out.



  1. Yippie….not.

  2. I’m not trying to bait here as I own neither device, but surely Move got well and truly crushed by Microsoft’s press conference? We’ll see what Sony offer I guess.

    • nah. They just added gimmicks to what would be better games without it. Bar sesame, disneyland and maybe fable.

    • I’m at a loss figuring out what was crushing about it. Some voice control that doesn’t even use kinect tech, a watered down fable game, a sesame street game and a Disneyland game. It could be worse but I certainly wouldn’t call it great. Then again, Sony’s could be even worse – but we can’t say anything before they’ve had a chance to strut their stuff.
      Ah yes I nearly forgot the labs, that does sound kinda cool

    • Dunno about crushed, but MS showed they are serious about Kinect and the pivotal role it plays in the future of the Xbox brand, whilst Sony’s Move seem to be very much an optional extra, which even they seem to forget about, never-mind 3rd parties. Hopefully E3 shows they’ll support it well with a range of games, as I’ve spent a hell of a lot of money on it.

      • I know my opinion of Kinect has improved.
        My opinion of the Move tech is still that it’s better than Kinect, but Sony aren’t putting a tenth of the effort into games for the Move as Microsoft are with Kinect.
        MS know that if they can get companies to put small bits of Kinect compatibility into big games, those companies may be more willing to expand into a more Kinect-central experience in the future.

  3. Given that Just Dance outsold BlOps on X360 & PS3 (separately) could Just Dance 3 be the top selling game of the year now it’s multi-platform

  4. TSA what’s happening with Sony’s stream? Use this code:

  5. Yes, CB.
    ‘Your nephew’ loves the game.
    Come on, we don’t judge… :P

  6. Don’t knock Just Dance guys. It’s been the Wii’s life-support for over a year now

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