Microsoft Announces ‘Kinect Fun Labs’

A large portion of Microsoft’s 2011 E3 conference has been dedicated to Kinect but maybe their biggest Kinect-related announcement was ‘Kinect Fun Labs’. Details are still a little fuzzy but it looks like Kinect Fun Labs is going to allow PC developers to create unique tools and small games for use with Kinect on Xbox 360.


When they demoed Kinect Fun Labs at E3, they showed players being able to scan their face and body and create a much more realistic avatar. The scanning technology was even able to pick up the style of clothing the demonstrator was wearing and put that in the game as well.

Also, Fun Labs gives you the ability scan real life items and put them in to your Xbox 360. If you remember back to a couple of years ago, this was something Microsoft originally promoted when announcing Kinect, so it’s great to see them delivering.

Last, they announced that Kinect Fun Labs will be available to all Xbox 360 gamers, including Xbox Live Silver members, and no one will have to wait long to get their hands on it, as it launches today.

More info will surely pour out as the week progresses so stay tuned.



  1. So much E3 goodness, me and the missus must get kinect ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Have you got an xbox?

    • Star Wars, Disneyland and Sesame Street…… this wave is far better than the launch

  2. Those demo kids made me feel violently sick.

    Also, nude avatars FTW.

    • I get those points next time! *fake laugh*


  3. *sigh*
    So much emphasis on Kinect! Don’t get me wrong, as individual experiences, everything Kinect related that Microsoft showed at E3 looked great. I’d even go as far as saying there’s not one that I wouldn’t be keen to experience. The fact remains, however, some of us don’t have the space and energy to stand in front of our TV’s for hours on end to play our games that little bit…’better’. Sure I can carry on playing the way I am but when MS start showing off fancy new menus like that, are we looking at a future of gamers who aren’t sold on Kinect feeling that they have to buy it just for voice control?! Again, it all looked great and I’m just thinking out loud.

  4. It is good to see them delivering on the object scanning but so far it’s just in the Fun Lab. It’ll be more interesting when they begin to implement it into games. I was impressed by the 3D drawing , something i would have expected to see available on Move by now.
    Nice bonus for Kinect owners having these toys to play with.

  5. Hardcore green team aint gettin too much love here….. Excellent use of kinect though…

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