PES 2012 Gameplay Trailer Released

A new trailer for this year’s Pro Evo Soccer has been released by Konami, packed full of in-game footage.

There’s what appears to be some men, kicking a ball around, with another man occasionally jumping to stop the aforementioned ball heading into some kind of net. I’m not gonna pretend I really understand or enjoy football, but I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who love this stuff. So good on you.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 will be released this autumn on PS3, 360, PC, Wii, PSP and – brilliantly – PS2, with mobile ports on the way too if last year’s release is anything to go by.

Source: CVG


  1. at the moment PES still looks like it has nothing on FIFA

    • Agreed, as FIFA significantly improves every year, PES just hangs on, although there was big changes last year, which took some of tthe realism away though I think. At least it has the champions and europa league licenses, plus, comparing FIFA11 with PES2011, a better master league than manager mode.

    • Apart from better gameplay, since the beginning. Only thing fifa has over it, is slightly better graphics & strips. (strips patches available wk1 on the net.)

  2. Might get this for ps2.

  3. I’d say I’m going to wait for both demos before making my decision but the demos will ineviatebly be terrible and nothing like representative of the finshed product.

    Saying that I am desperate for PES to be good again, FIFA is looking good but there are some annoyances that drive me insane sometimes (defenders and lack of pace against them, the odd slow down when you reach the opponents third in some sort of compensative manoeuvre), and the new one does have a couple of “gimmicky” features that EA are known for over-using/over-playing.

    • Oh god i know what you mean about the defenders pace (e.g. Alex of chelsea can catch Ronaldo up and just shove him out of the way!) but I suppose its balanced out by the poor goalkeepers (Still!).

      Although a good saying is ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’.

  4. OK so I’ve watched the video now, 2 things. Firstly, everyone looks a bit “static” if you get me, secondly, will someone put a muffler on that friggin ball. Christ that’s annoying.

  5. Can’t wait.

    Out of last year’s PES & FIFA, PES played the far far better & more realistic game off football after really upping its game. I’ve always been a huge FIFA fan but since FIFA 09 I’ve been more & more disappointed with the last 2 releases…. and the Master League is a different class. Bring it on

    • At last, someone who speaks the truth. Coincidentally, fifa09 was my first & last fifa purchase. I try the demo each year, but has yet to play as well as pes. (i stayed away from flaming the fifa article.) Maybe someday fifa will have the qualify of pes’ gameplay, but i doubt it.

    • Couldn’t disagree more, PES’s gameplay is a joke, the movement animations are horrendously cartoony, theres no soul to the game whatsoever and you can still run from one box to another without the incompetent defenders even trying to tackle you. Passing is unaccurate, shooting is stupid and 9/10 high balls are met with over-head kicks. But that’s my opinion.

  6. Getting better but the players look like they still run like robots :\

  7. Christ on a bike. This looks absolutely awful. It’s so unrealistic. Konami think they can just show off a few robotic looking skills in the trailer and everyone will be impressed. The best part is around the 1:00 mark when two of the best defenders in the world fail to cut out a poor ball and then Defoe (I think) somehow scores. Madness.

  8. Don’t see the point of hating on it for being a bit unrealistic, I found PES 10 and 11 to be much more fun… only thing that PES 12 really needs is a bloody kit-editor in the master league.

    At least it gives life to the heads of the players which looks to be improved a bit?

  9. looks ace, will try the demo again as always. wonder if it will be my first buy since 2008 though? got a lot of impressing to do if so!

  10. Cant wait, first thing i’m doing is, buying messi & ronaldo for my master lge online. (ronaldo about 40mil atm, started at 8mil.)

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