Sony’s Brand New IP For E3 Is… A Dancing Game?

This site has been steadily growing for a few days now, revealing some Sony exclusives set for E3, but it looks like Twitter favourite SuperErogatory is claiming this year the PS3 will be all about the dance.

Everybody Dance, apparently.


“Apparently Magic Pixel (ex-Boom Blox devs) are the team working on the Sony dancing game that will almost certainly be unveiled tomorrow,” said the Tweet.

Dancing game?  That’ll be this trademark then, filed a week or so back.  Magic Pixel is a new studio formed by people from THQ and EA, amongst others.

All eyes on E3, then, where we’re hoping for more Kratos, less Move-powered dancing…



  1. I guess running on the success of Just Dance.

  2. Oh dear

  3. Oh well, its the future of gaming, not my future but someone is buying them so Sony are best off getting in on the act ASAP.

    • Actually, now that ive said it, its not even the future of gaming its the present and the future. Ever other gaming advert seems to be for a dance or singing game

  4. It’s perfectly reasonable, they’d be stupid to see the success of Just Dance, and Dance Central and not give it a shot.

    • I mean Just Dance might be terrible, but it’s constantly in the charts. Can’t ignore those kind of sales.

      • True, true. Sony is a company – out to make money.

  5. oh well, I can dance the night away with this then.

  6. Just Dance is playable I suppose. Prefer Dance Central, but I guess it’ll work just fine with the Move.

  7. It was going to happen eventually. Sony would have to have a slice of the pie and although i hate them dance games are a big market.

    • I think you may have forgotten, but dancing games have been around since the PS1, (and probably before that) don’t you remember those dance mats?

      • I think i might still have a dance mat? You could say these are the new generation dance games.

  8. I was hoping it would be something better than a dancing game.

  9. No.,no!…

  10. They already have Singstar Dance!
    Still, I guess there’s money in it.
    I just hope that there’s more focus on core gamers rather than casual at E3.

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