App Store Is About To Get Grubby Hands

Danny Pearce, formally of Bizarre Creations, has gone on to set up his own studio ‘Grubby Hands’. Having worked on games including The Club, Blur and James Bond 007: Blood Stone, Pearce had the following to say:

“So far all has run smoothly, from making the game to setting up the studio, it’s been seamless. This has definitely been the highlight of my career! I am excited about the future!”

Grubby Hands is just about to release its first game which will officially be announced on Friday 10th June and available to download on the App Store on the same week end.


Apparently it’s going to “be banging”, and we look forward to hearing more!

Source: Press Release



  1. Good to hear! not really happy about it being an iPhone game but good to see he’s working etc.

    • they could port over a minis version.
      unless of course it’s designed around the touch screen.

  2. Blur for ipad plz (well obviously can’t be blur but something similar :D).

  3. Best of luck.

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