BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II Plus Coming To PS Vita

Street Fighter x Tekken isn’t the only fighting game announced for the PlayStation Vita. Shortly after the Sony press conference, I met up with the Marketing Coordinator for Aksys Games and she mentioned that BlazBlue: CS II will be available on the PS Vita. It was actually at the show but I didn’t get a chance to play it (those lines were unbelievable).

Continuum Shift II Plus, according to Siliconera, features online multiplayer, unlike the PSP and 3DS versions. The story mode also includes six all new scenarios. Touch screen support is currently under consideration. Hopefully they can come up with something clever that’s unobtrusive.


As for the console version of Continuum Shift, a free update was recently made available over the last few weeks. It essentially turns the game into CS II, which keeps it up to date with the arcade and handheld versions. The last DLC character was also released on XBL and PSN for $7.99.



  1. I really am having my mind blown this morning… So far the Vita’s line up is staggering. I really can’t see the 3DS standing up to this kind of onslaught from the little black (super) oval. So many great titles and not one of them is a remake of a decade old hit from a previous platform. Don’t let my hopes down now Sony

    • Well there are Munch’s Oddysey and Stranger’s Wrath, but they weren’t really hits.

  2. I’ve tried Blazblue twice but I can never put the disc back in after playing another title… Guilty Gear is just so much better IMO but maybe thats because its portable and a download?

    For me it seems Discs are cursed for fighting games.

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