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Sony wowed audiences around the globe earlier today with its live demonstrations for PlayStation Vita, the spiritual successor to the PSP.


Though the software line-up just kept getting better and better, there’s no doubt some had already turned their focus to the Vita’s price-point. Kazuo Hirai was pleased to announce that both models of the Vita will launch below the $300 mark, the wi-fi only version selling at $249, with its 3G enabled counterpart ramping the cost up to $299.

UK-based GAME is one of the first retailers to come forward with an estimate price; £229.99 for Vita wi-fi and £279.99 for Vita 3G. Before everyone whips out their currency converters and bombard the comment section, this price is likely to drop, Sony announcing that an official UK price will be revealed towards the end of the year.

Source: GAME



  1. If they can hit £199 (wifi) then that would be a magic number for Christmas sales IMO.

    • Exactly my thoughts – but then I said that about the PSPGo and they didn’t manage it for that either…

      £199 and £249 are the sweet spots for launch pricing IMO.

  2. So £179 at Tesco then?

    • Definitely. The ongoing price war between them and the likes of ASDA and Sainsburys should keep the price competitive, especially with the inevitable bundles with the likes of LBP Vita or Uncharted. Do you have any news on the UK price or release date for the 24inch 3D TV bundle?

    • Definitely. The ongoing price war between them and the likes of ASDA and Sainsburys should keep the price competitive, especially with the inevitable bundles with the likes of LBP Vita or Uncharted. Do you have any news on the UK price or release date for the 24inch 3D TV bundle?

      • I’m more interested in the 3D TV – they haven’t really released any specs for it yet. Those new sony headphones look good too!

    • Yeah… maybe I’ll see you there at the launch ;)

    • If it is I’m grabbing one!

  3. I can do £280, so anything below that’s a bonus :)

  4. £279.99? Ouch but then again, it will go down most likely so fingers crossed it launches at £250!

  5. They had the prices mixed up this morning. So I bagged myself a 3G version for the price of the wi-fi version.
    Really glad I took the day off :)

    • Unless they are feeling generous, they are under no pressure to honor the price for a pre-order. Most likely they’ll simply cancel your order and ask you to try again.

      • Was thinking that to.
        Then I got an email from them saying that the price had went up to £279.99, but I will be charged the originally agreed price.
        “This is merely one of the benefits of the GAME 1st To Play Preorder Service!”
        Still in shock they are sticking to it.

  6. In other words, Sony are going to announce the UK price when they better know the exchange rate between the Euro and GBP at that point in time. It goes up, it goes down.

  7. There’s a trophy icon, does that mean the PS Vita games have trophies?

    • yep full trophy support.

    • Yup, trophies were confirmed when the NGP was originally announced I believe. However, there is no word on whether they will tie-in with PS3 trophies.

      • Certainly seems logical given you can recover your PSN profile on the current PSP.

      • I mean whether the two sets of trophies will contribute towards a single count which can be displayed on both the PS3 and NGP.

  8. UK’s 20% VAT has to be taken into consideration, methinks. If I can get the 3G version at £250, I’m on board at day one; if not, I can wait.

    • I would be extremely surprised if a £G one will be available for £250, £270/80 is more reasonable to expect

      • Would be expected, though one can hope. Ideally, having an extra £20-£30 kicking about to buy a game is what I really want.

      • You may want to look at mobile networks, I’m sure they’ll be offering the 3G one for free with certain tarrifs. The 3G isn’t much use without one.

      • I think something was mentioned previously by Sony about including some free game content with each new (NGP) Vita but it probably won’t be one of the big hitters, except as part of a bundle.

      • I take it the 3g costs monthly too?

  9. I am pleased with those prices. I had a horrible feeling that it was going to be more so I’m pleased.

    • After the PS3 launch price and complete failure of the PSPgo (mainly due to price), opting for a low, reasonable price for the NGP was their only option really as far as im concerned.

  10. I’m an idiot. Can someone explain the difference between the 2 models please?

    • The cheaper one has WiFi, so you can visit the Store & play online through a WiFi connection. The more expensive has 3G also, so you can play online even if you are not in a WiFi zone (which are quite scarce out and about)

      • So the 3G hooks up with a phone server?

      • 3g means mobile internet ala your phone. For 3g you’d need a sim card. Wifi just means being able to connect to your home broadband wirelessly or via dedicated wifi hotspots around the country. 3g is “mobile” as the 3g wavelength is part of the same spectrum calls use, so you can take your PS Vita anywhere and use the internet. With wifi youre restricted to the routers range, which arent huge.

      • Cheers! So basically the wi-fi one is the same as a psp, and the 3g one I’d need to sign up to some sort of 3g internet package from orange or 3 or whatever?

        I only use my psp at home, or when I’m abroad, and tons of cafes/hotels have free wi-fi in europe anyway.

        Think I’ll just get the wi-fi version, especially if it’s gonna save me £50, and thats before I’ve had to pay for a contract somewhere.

    • Basically if you have an Android or iPhone with 3G data plan, get the Wifi PSP Vita then you can just make your phone the Wifi hotspot and connect the PSP Vita to it.

      • Unless the PS Vita doesn’t connect to Ad Hoc wifi networks. Both the iPhone and Android phone’s hotspots are adhoc, and I can assure you the PSP won’t connect to them. It remains to be scene if the Vita will or not, but personally I’m opting for the 3G Vita.

      • Actually, I just found these specs on the Sony site:

        Wireless communications:
        – Mobile network connectivity (3G / Wi-Fi model only).
        – IEEE 802.11b/g/n (n = 1×1)(Wi-Fi) (Infrastructure mode/Ad-hoc mode).
        – Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR (A2DP/AVRCP/HSP).

        So perhaps you can connect it to an ad-hoc network. Colour me interested, I have 5Gb plan on my 3G iphone so this could be a price saver. Of course, wifi hotspot on your phone = massive battery drain. Perhaps I’ll still get the 3G Vita and use it in Wifi mode until my phone gets too low on batteries then switch to Vita 3G – you know, for those REALLY long bus trips I never take :).

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