InFamous 2, Now With More KB

Though some of us will have to wait until Friday to get our hands on Cole’s next chapter (unless you’re Peter of course,) inFamous 2 has today hit the shelves in North America. Be sure to check out the latest TV spot below featuring our beloved Kevin Butler, VP of Heroic Actions.


Earlier today Sony announced that the game will be receiving Move support to compliment its User-Generated Content creator.

Source: US PlayStation Blog



  1. Shame Mr KB wasnt at the conference. It could have done with his enthusiasm and some PS3 surprises. Almost feels like E3 isnt for us type of gamers anymore after the MS and Sony conferences.

    • I expect that was worth a few TSA E3 bingo points to a few people though ;-)

  2. Hoping my copy will arrive Thursday morning fingers crossed.

  3. Are they actually showing this on tv in US? Things like theas are never coming to Sweden :(

  4. why is that superhero like Nathan Fillion

  5. haha aw poor guy :’) Mr Butler owns

  6. Love it lol.

  7. They seem to have eased off the KB adverts lately, shame as he is brilliant.

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