Japan Getting Official PS3 Keyboard

Clearly somewhat annoyed at L.A. hogging all the limelight Sony Japan have hit back. Their dramatic news is that the PS3 is finally getting an official Bluetooth keyboard.  Unlike the already available keypad this is a full keyboard.

The compact keyboard launches on 30th June for ¥5,000 (£38, €42.50).  It features a PS button (in the lower right corner) that can be used to switch your PS3 on and off.  For pointer manipulation purposes it provides a love button TrackPoint-style nub with the two mouse buttons placed below the space bar.


It would have fitted nicely into the range of text entry solutions the last time we took a look had it been available then.  What do you think?  There is perhaps not much to differentiate it from other Bluetooth keyboards other than that PS button.  If it was released in Europe would you be interested?

Source: Kotaku



  1. Just literally today bought the little keyboard that clips onto your controller, quite impressed with it. I wouldn’t bother with this though, I’ve got wireless keyboards that I can use already but they take up too much space and are too much hassle.

  2. Now all we need is a mouse and full game compatibility for both ;P

    • took the words right out of my mouth.

    • +1

    • I think we could do with a browser that can handle today’s websites without throwing a fit. keyboard looks awesome, would definitely get it for use with a media PC

      • Yup… I think the PS3 needs a firmware update to bring the browser into 21st century, whilst they’re at it they could try and hone the OS’s memory footprint to give the devs a few more meg to play with and bring in a context sensitive cut-down version of the XMB when you press the PS button whilst in-game

      • Not looking for much then CC ;)

  3. I was thinking about replacing my USB keyboard by some Bluetooth keyboard to free one of the USB ports and get rid of the extension cable, so I’m really interested in this. Hope they’ll also release it in Europe soon.

  4. Always wanted a keyboard… a wireless one

  5. Bought wireless keyboard when I first bought my PS3. Stopped using it a week later. Unnecessary. Fast thumbs.

  6. Is it the same size as a regular keyboard? Or is it more like the size of a notebook keyboard?

  7. What’s it for? Just writing messages?

    • IF you’ve got the money I guess you could break it across someone’s head but, yes, just for typing. Or chopping large loaves of bread. Ooo, maybe a back scratcher. It’s late. I dunno! *goes to brainstorm some more*

      • Seen. So if you very rarely send messages through your Playstation, it’s pretty much useless? Sorry to be thick!

    • Useful for typing web addresses or comments if that’s the sort of thing you use the PS3 browser for.

      I wouldn’t see it being that useful though since who really uses the PS browser that much since it’s a pos.

      • I must have missed your eu survey.
        It’s all i use. I know & have read here, of people that use it, also to access this very site. I’d happily buy the keyboard, but fist they really need to pull their finger out & update the browser & flashplayer too.
        (a laptop or a better pc than what i have, is not economically viable atm.)

  8. *fist – *first

    Any ideas what that is above the letter B?
    I would have preferred a mouse type device, incorporated into the keyboard. At the very least, a ps branded mouse included as a package deal. (-also bluetooth.)

    • (sorry for triple post.)
      guessing that above B, is a cursor guider.

      • That is a mouse above the “B” key. That is the very old design of a mouse built into a keyboard

        Here is another pic -http://dolphinx.pbworks.com/f/UNICOMP9.jpg

      • afraid i was half asleep, my bad.
        article quote “pointer manipulation purposes it provides a love buttonTrackPoint-style nub.”

        Love the convex base, very practical.

  9. Good timing – I’ve just started going on Home and am getting pretty fed up with having to take three hours* to write three words.

    * Figures may be slightly exaggerated

    • Slightly………………. More like huge!

    • 10-15secs to get your first word typed, when in a busy area, can feel like 3hrs. (keyboard or not.)

  10. Would be keen if the price is right. Since we last ‘cross-game chat’, it’s useful to have a keyboard for organising inter-clan meets. There are plenty of cheap generic bluetooth keyboards out there

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