Mario Kart Announced for the 3DS

Nintendo have announced that Mario Kart will be coming to the 3DS. Titled simply Mario Kart, it will be released ‘this holiday season’.

From what we saw, it looks pretty solid; it’s not simply a port of Mario Kart Wii. Featuring customisation of Karts, underwater sections in which the Karts transform into underwater vehicles and even something that seems like a hang glider.


This looks to be the fullest Mario Kart yet, and it’ll hopefully have a lot of other great features.



  1. Sounds more like Diddy Kong Racing!

    • I was going with Mario Kart the Migraine Maker!!

  2. I thought this had already been announced. My missus has had it on pre order for a few weeks.

  3. Bet its fun.

  4. Looks great and is easily a buy for me, though I wish they would do a Double Dash2

  5. Surprised! /// not

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