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More PlayStation Vita Games Announced

It’s not all Uncharted, WipEout, Killzone, Resistance, LittleBigPlanet, Sound Shapes, BioShock, ModNation Racers, Ruin, Street Fighter X Tekken, Gravity Daze, Oddworld, BlaxBlue and Ridge Racer – now we’ve got a name and price for Vita, more and more of those listed developers and publishers are revealing projects for the handheld.

Sega have revealed that Virtua Tennis 4 will be getting a Vita port (shown briefly during the press conference), designed to take advantage of the portables new interface elements. There are optional front and rear touch controls, face scanning with the camera, a ‘Touch Versus’ mode which allows two players to face-off on the same Vita, and support for the ‘Party’ social gaming app. On the game side of things, there are 22 playable tennis stars, including Nadal, Federer and the like. Fun note: Virtua Tennis games also turned up at the launch of the PS3 and original PSP, much like Ridge Racer.

There’s not as much on this one, but Koei have announced that a Dynasty Warriors game will be coming to Vita. “The PlayStation Vita version will let players use the system’s touch panel, the rear touch pad and the gyro sensors to experience a new and intuitive ways to enjoy the series,” reads the press release. “Coupled with a wide range of network and communication features Dynasty Warriors will utilize PlayStation Vita’s potential to deliver a next generation “One vs Many” Dynasty Warriors experience!”

Finally, Destructoid have posted a hands-on with a previously unannounced and a little bizarre looking title called ‘Mr Inkjet’. As they describe it, it just looks like a tech demo, but it could easily be a cheap game for the Store, and it looks like it uses only the back touch panel for control. Apparently each finger represent a limb of the character, and the demo included three stages involving dodging bombs, laser beams, signs and kicking secret agents in the face. We’ll send Alex to figure out what the monkeys it’s all about.

Source: Destructoid (1, 2), VG247


  1. Decent lineup. Refuse to buy a Sony console on principle now so I’ll stick with my 3DS (which I imagine will be the better console over time) but it definatley looks better than the PSP.

    • Your loss.

      I’m not fully convinced about the lineup yet but we have seen very little from the Japanese developers so far and they sure love their handhelds. By the end of Tokyo Game Show, I hope to be convinced because everything looks fantastic apart from the actual software.

      • I’ve found 34 announced games so far plus one Kojima is working on.

        BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II Plus
        Call of Duty
        Dungeon Defenders
        Dust 514
        Dynsaty Warriors
        Everybodys Golf
        Gravity Daze
        Hustle Kings
        Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7
        Little Deviants
        Modnation Racers
        Monster Hunter Portable 3
        Mr Inkjet
        Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee
        Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath
        Rayman Origins
        Reality Fighters
        Ridge Racer
        Silent Hill: Book of Memories
        Smart As
        Sound Shapes
        Super Stardust Delta
        Tekken X Streetfighter
        Top Darts
        Uncharted: Golden Abyss
        Virtua Tennis 4
        WipEout 2048

        To be honest Uncharted and LBP was enough for me. There surely has to be some Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, MGS, Syphon Filter, F1, Fifa, PES, Gran Turismo, GTA, God of War, Buzz, EyePet, Assassins Creed, Prince of Persia, Disney etc… games coming to Vita too.

      • Damn thats quite a list lol!

      • Now THAT is a list to be excited about! :)

    • I’ve never heard such fanboy nonsense. If you hate Sony so much why do you post comments on their articles.

      • I wouldn’t call that a fanboy comment. Infact I said it was a decent line up and people who pick up the handheld are in for a treat…? I’ve always bought Sony consoles, its just recent events have put me off buying from them (I’m not alone on this either). Opinion, not a ‘fanboy’ comment :)

    • Yes, every company is prone to be attacked so I might as well stop buying consoles all together. Besides looks like the games industry is now targeted by cyber criminals with the recent hacks on a few pubs and Nintendo.

      • True, but at least Nintendo had the decency to come right out and say it straight away. Plus, Sony are STILL being hacked and losing people’s details, surely that must give you an idea how shocking their security is?! Sorry, the ‘forgive and forget coz they have good games like Uncharted’ approach doesn’t wash with me ;)

      • Would you stop visiting this site if TSA got hacked as well?

        You’ve given your details over so its a bit late to back out now the damage would already have been done.

      • True, but I love TSA more than Sony ;)

      • I just think its a bit senseless but I can understand if you can’t really trust Sony anymore. I likely would’nt use a credit card after that but I never save them to any account. I’d just continue getting pre-paid vouchers/cards.

        So much games though for it though and the technology is exciting. Would be a huge loss imo.

      • “the technology is exciting”
        ^^ I agree with this 100%. Despite the fact I now own a 360 and 3DS, there is no question that the PS3 is the best console out there in terms of hardware and I have no doubt the Vita will also prove impressive. Though ‘vita’ is awfully close to ‘vista’ and we all know how that turned out… ;)

      • @R4U Eldave0
        It’s sad that you’re giving up on Sony right when they are releasing so many new and exciting things, but hey, it’s your decision.
        I completely agree that Sony screwed up with their announcements and eschewed many fans. Of course, the repeated cracking/hacking of Sony sites and services isn’t a testament to weak security; all it means is that somebody doesn’t like Sony and has the time and drive to hack them. No security is foolproof; if someone wants in, they can get in. In fact, the same group (LulzSect, I believe) said they were going to hack the FBI next. We don’t know the skill level of the groups/people doing this, so it’s impossible to pin it on anybody right now. Sure, Sony is partially at fault for the repeated security breaches, but I’d be more quick to blame the hackers than the company.

    • You don’t have to enter your (real) personal information or credit card details to enjoy great games, if that’s it what your’re referring to…

      • Sorry but thats a bit of a cop-out ;) When you enter your personal details on their store, etc it is their responsibility to make sure those important bits of information are held securely.

      • I’m with Eldave0 on this one, Having too many issues with Sony products at the moment. Gonna think twice from now on…

    • Im sorry but you sound like my paranoid technophobe Grandad ! I havent even bothered changing my card , calling my bank or anything . Total fuss about nothing . No CVV number means no fraud , yea they could have my name (trembles!) or card number but so have hundreds of companies that ive traded with . Its more likely that id have my details stolen from me whilst shopping on the high street than online and finally I used to work for my bank and online fraud is refunded in the very unlikely event it should take place.
      If it happens it happens and i’ll deal with it and get all my money back . Its like saying im not going to drive a car because i read in a paper (Daily Mail) that an Audi crashed into a Ford and therefore as i drive an Audi id better not drive anymore . Life is about taking risks sometimes , and i’d hate to think you werent living your life to the full !

      • “Im sorry but you sound like my paranoid technophobe Grandad” Whats that you say sonny? ;)

        I too haven’t changed my card details, etc as I had previously removed the details from my account before the hack. Tbh it was mostly the absolutely terrible PR which followed the event which put me off Sony for life. They fucked up, its a fact, but instead of just admiting this, they put their heads in the sand and slowly drip fed the details to us.
        And then, to say sorry, they offered us a couple of games that most people own already, especially PS+ users (you know, the users who are the most loyal to Sony and paid for premium services).

      • Whoops, was expecting a naughty word in their to be automatically censored. Sorry :$

      • R4U Eldave0
        For Some Reason I Find You Annoying

      • Charmin ;)

  2. I can’t wait. Kind of woke up depressed knowing it’s not out until christmas. But, it’s gonna be great.

    • Not necessarily Christmas, but holiday season, which begins sometime in late October/early November. There was a rumor sprouting elsewhere that it would get a November 11 release, and somebody said it was confirmed, so you might even get it before then.

  3. Corrr.

  4. Can’t wait for the VITA to come out. Got the 3ds, but it has been laying in the cradle for weeks without playing.

  5. “Mine!”

    [rubs legs in a worrying fashion]

  6. I’m mostly interested in playing adventure games like Uncharted and FPS ( Resistance) but the potential for amusing diversions with the touch controls does have plenty of appeal too. And with that price i’m pretty much sold. Hopefully they will publish the full specs soon.

    • I’m on a site called; the moderator for the site was at E3 for Sony’s conference and tried out some of the demos there. According to him, the title Sound Shapes is really easy to learn, is somewhat addictive, has good platforming elements, and features a level creator. He believes that this will be one of the “killer apps”-like titles that’ll sell the system, and many others are inclined to agree. It’s unconventional, which is good; it involves music, which is good; and it involves platforming, which is good. Combine all three, and you get an unconventional, music-platforming game that I’m sure will make a big impact when the Vita hits the market.

  7. yeah they finally got the price right. £229 is good value, not something you usually say about a sony launch product.

  8. The lineup is sure looking better than that of the 3DS launch.

    • I agree. My missus has a 3DS and I must say the games available are a bit of a joke IMO.

    • As an owner of a 3DS I have to agree with you there. Like the original DS I think the 3DS will end up with some cracking titles over time but the only reason I have bought one already was because I saw it in a sale for £130.

    • Yeah never owned a DS but the libary is horrible…. theres only a few that I think are cool & awesome and 96% of them are likely Japanese stuff from Capcom, Tecmo, Namco, Square Enix and Konami….

      If the 3DS seems to be a bit better by Christmas I hope theres a lot of core games and vitaly downloads… Hopefully some Classics like Castlevania and Megaman will be done. Would be so sweet. Can’t wait to buy some games on the eshop….

      Although I wasn’t able to use my 500 Nintendo points that I redeemed by Club Nintendo…. really annoyed with that (T_T)

    • MLust repeat. The lineup is sure looking WAY better than that of the 3DS launch.

  9. Day one.

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