New Wii Announced – Called the Wii U

No, we’re not kidding. Reggie Fils-Aime just announced the successor to the Wii that everyone already knew about and it turns out it’s called the Wii U. The other rumours were correct too – it’s got a ‘controller’ with a 6.2 inch touchscreen, dual analogues, Wii remote compatibility, shoulder buttons, rumble, microphone, player-facing camera, gyroscope.


It only does everything.

[drop]The demo shown was very, very impressive. The controller can be used as a second screen with touch input for a wealth of uses, some of the most impressive being a web browser where the full page is shown on the TV and the controller is held up to the screen to zoom in on the area you point the IR on the back at.

It was also used in golf, put on the floor to see the ball on its screen, using the Wii remote as a golf club, it was used for Video Chat, a sketchpad (that can also show the full image on the TV).

It’s a new console, with HD, and the controller is a wireless screen. And you can use your Wii remotes too. It’s all very confusing right now, it seems the console part is just a console and the bit they are (and, by extension, we should be) focusing on is the controller and its swiss army knife-type functionality.

All we need now is some kind of official press release to clarify just exactly why we’re all so damn excited.

Third party support is strong, with sames shown so far including Battlefield 3, Darksiders II, Tekken, Batman: Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon Online, Dirt, Aliens Colonial Marines, Metro: Last Light, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, The Sims and Army of Two. It’s not clear whether they were shown using Wii U visuals.

John Riccitello of EA also took to the stage to reiterate how enthusiastic that company is about the new hardware.



  1. It was confusing that they only showed the controller but i guess it’s so early in development they haven’t finalised the console design yet.
    My live stream was poor so i need to watch some videos before i can appreciate how the big games look on it. Bound to be some here somewhere .. :)

  2. Lol guess what? PSP and PS VIta will be already able to to this, once again Sony is ahead of the pack like they were with Sixaxis.

    Also what are the specs?
    Blu ray?
    What CPU and GPU?
    Hard drive?
    Totally new OS?
    Is it just a Wii HD with a glorified controller?
    Whats the resolution of the 6.2″ screen?

    • Thats really expensive though

      Nintendos is entirely different, what the Vita does sounds as if its only saves and multiplayer.. its cross-platform.

      I just hope it as more good games

  3. SO it does everything I can do right on my ps3/ 360 except stream games to a controller? I have a PSP and plan to get a Vita – what exactly is the point of this console then? (bar freeing up the TV)

    Hmmm a missed opportunity I think and how on earth is it going to compete with with 360/ps3 next gen?

    • No need for Nintendo to compete with Sony or MS. They are going a different direction and apparently it’s working for them.

  4. I’m thinking that this may have been over-hyped.
    It seems to be falling in line with the 360 and PS3, but not outstripping them by any means.
    And that controller seems good, but I’m not convinced that it’s a good enough reason to switch from either a 360 or PS3.

  5. games where cool, Wii U looks exciting but it’ll need the software more than ever for sure.

  6. Despite that being the most bizarre and frankly awful press conference I’ve seen, that was a huge surprise and just absolutely bonkers.

    I kept thinking the whole way through, why would anyone who has a PS3 or 360 buy it?

    • Still think Sony had the better conference out of the three of them.

  7. It’s like the anti Kinect. One getting rid of the controller, the other making it huge.

    One thing in common – they’re coming nowhere near my house. The Wii was a big enough of a white elephant that I fell for. It would take something spectacular to persuade me and I can’t see it coming.

  8. Looks pretty cool, nice to see third parties on board.

    Curious about the specs.

    • Third parties isn’t a surprise. Now they port all their 360 & PS3 games on the cheap and drop Wii development that fails to often

      • I agree not a surprise at all, still good to see. Only problem is when PS4 and next XBox are announced presumably in a year or two and with much higher specs what will the third parties do?

      • They’ll dump it. This is 2 years too late. It should have been released last year minus the touch screen. This will have 3 years at best before new hardware is released by Sony and MS. Nintendo have got almost everything from the tech to the timing wrong.

        They possibly could have taken this and merged it with the 3DS to make a better hand held and the sell an additional box to make it a home console.

      • Really? They did everything wrong and yet they made a shitload of money while the competition was still paying money to get their console out of the door. You might not like it but financially they did everything right.

  9. Kind of funny that the Vita has better analogue sticks than this :D

  10. Interesting, could have a lot of potential, but that’s an odd name. I guess Wii Two was not catchy enough. Also looks like Nintendo are trying to offer more for core gamers again and I guess most PS3/Xbox multiplatform games will also be released on Wii U in future.

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