PlayStation 3 E3 Trailer Catchup

For those of you who may have been flagging somewhat by the time Sony’s press event got started, or if you just want to marvel again at the pixelated wares Sony are peddling, here is a handful of trailers for some of the PlayStation 3 games showcased.

First up we have not Piiigs iiiiin Spaaaaaaace, just hawks.  Transforming hawks!

Poor Joseph Capelli is not having much fun on his road trip:

Hands up if you know a rugged adventurer with a penchant for plane crashes and maritime struggles who’s at his best when accompanied by a cute blonde sidekick:

What do you think, should raccoons the world over be protesting over this needless stereotyping?

Finally it’s Scargill Sweet Tooth versus The Iron Maiden:


  1. A couple of nice looking games there. Starhawk in particular for me. Never played Warhawk sadly as im not much of an online player and thats all it had to offer.

    Of course il be getting Resistance and Uncharted too. No need to stop buying them now. Im sure they will be great experiences.

  2. Only one that vaguely interests me there is Uncharted 3, and that’s only a slight interest. I found Sony’s conference pretty disappointing PS3-wise.

  3. Thanks for putting these up as I was asleep during the conference.

  4. Nice one guys wasn’t asleep but waiting in home to watch, spikey mikey can tell you how that worked out …. So I watched Mr T’s world of crazy fools instead it was definitely worth it

  5. Hawks in space was cool, but because of the frame change we still didn’t see if you fly directly from the planet’s airspace out into space or if space is a separate level, but did you see the hover/jet bike-like thing.

  6. Where’s the few seconds of Battlefield 3 footage? lol

  7. It was nice to be able to catch up with that little bundle of vids. I’m definitely looking forward to Uncharted 3 the most!! :)

    • Yeah, I’ve often thought the others were over rated, but 3 looks pretty bloody good!

  8. Sony pretty much smacked it.

  9. sony e3 press conference was weakest for years…nothing for at all 8( very disappointed i was expecting something big after outage but man sony looks shaken

  10. Videos look good, especially Starhawk.

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