PSP Not Dead Yet

Lost amongst the blizzard of news from E3 which is keeping us all busy was a press release from Sony that arrived this morning but has only just been caught up with.  They are happy to announce that the soon-to-be succeeded PSP has reached 70m unit sales worldwide.

It reached that total on the 27th April which means that as the total was 68.8m on the 31st March that Sony managed to shift 1.2m worldwide in a month.  We know that Japan accounted for almost 0.2m of those sales so the rest of us must have bought 1m between us.


Why are sales suddenly sharply up?  Almost certainly because of the recent price cuts in both the U.S. and Europe.  In the closing days of February the U.S. price was cut from $169.99 to $129.99.  Sony followed suit in Europe in early April with a similar cut from €169.99 to €129.99.

Appearances would suggest those price cuts certainly did the trick.  Could it be that the twelve months prior to the release of the PlayStation®Vita could be the PSP’s best ever from a sales perspective?

Source: Sony



  1. I’ve just recently dug mine out again and bought a Duo card, to take advantage of the Welcome Back pack. I’m finding it a lot more enjoyable with my Minis and PS1 Classics on it.

  2. That is an incredible amount of PSPs. Well done Sony.

  3. I saw that PSPs topped the Japanese sales charts the other week, too; higher than the 3DS by a fair distance. Staggering really. I can see DS Lites having a similar resurgence, as retailers try to clear them out towards Christmas.

    • …which is exactly what the article was getting at. My bad. And the DS Lite sales would only persist until homebrew carts sell out anyway. Poorly thought out comment all round.

  4. I can’t use mine, what whatever reason it’s not letting me charge it. A bit of a pain seeing as I need it working to download the free games for it.

  5. Like Chuck Norris? Old but strong.

  6. Psp rules. Always on mgs acid 2 on mine at mo…

  7. that PSP sales is impressive!

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