Relentless Hooks Up With Microsoft

Relentless, the former PlayStation exclusive developers who recently took their Blue Toad Murder Files to Steam, have signed up with Microsoft to publish an element in Kinect Fun Labs called Music in Motion.

They have also signed on with Chillingo to publish their iPhone quiz game, Quiz Climber. The Angry Birds and Cut the Rope publisher will be putting Relentless’ competitive mobile quiz game out later this month.


This is quite a diversification for the studio who almost invented the peripheral-based casual party game with their supremely popular Buzz! series of quizzes.



  1. I miss Buzz :(

  2. Wait, but why would an energy drink company make games for Microsoft…

    • I’ll provide the ‘boom’ if someone else can provide the ’tish’

  3. I’m suprised we’ve not seen more Buzz Junior titles.

  4. Traitor.

    • Sorry, inner fanboy coming out there.

  5. That is good news for them as they weren’t doing that well out of Buzz.

  6. No big lose anyway.

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