Ruin-ous Cross-Platform Play

For those of you who like your top-down dungeoneering, Sony’s San Diego Studios have got something you might like.  They have just shown a game, with a working title of Ruin, that looks very much like a lightweight Diablo-style game, though with only melee combat, not ranged or magical as far as we could see.

Initially shown being played on the PS Vita, the game has your character running around hacking and slashing his way through the, presumably, evil hordes.  Also explained was a competitive social aspect where through the playing of the game, you indirectly build your lair.


Other players can then raid your lair and if you have your PS Vita handy you will be notified and can then ‘leap’ to its defence.  Next up, we were shown how the game’s cloud-saving feature allows you to save your game on the PS Vita and then load it up on the PS3 version of the game to continue where you left off.  There was no word on a release date.



  1. It’s cool how Sony is really promoting cross platform play between the PSV and the PS3.

    • Agreed. If they keep this up the Vita really will be worth having.

      They need to release Journey on the Vita with cross platform play.

    • Cross-platform play is the most exciting feature the Vita has, for me.

    • True that. I loved cross platform Portal 2 co-op :)

  2. Excellent.

  3. Will be interested to see if any games like this allow you to use the PSV as an advanced ccontroller for certain PS3 games. Why not? Bluetooth, dual analogue sticks and a touchscreen could certainly compete with whatever it is Nintendo have up their sleeves…

  4. looks good, but one important question remains unanswered.
    will you need to buy two copies?

    • Code in the box like Portal 2 maybe?

      • I hope so. that’d really encourage PSV sales too [not that it’d really need it, with a price point like that!].

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