Vita May Be 2012 In Europe, Agent No Longer Exclusive?

Although the PlayStation Vita was pitched at a ‘Holiday Season’ launch during the Sony press conference yesterday, it looks like that might not apply for Europe.

Jack Tretton’s on GameTrailers TV just now, and he said that the new portable will launch by the end of this fiscal year across all three territories – it’s fairly safe to assume Europe will be last.


Only Japan is confirmed for a release this calendar year.

Interestingly, Tretton also wanted to move quickly on when presenter Geoff Keighley mentioned Agent.  It’s still in development, and they’re still working with Rockstar, but couldn’t confirm it’s PS3 exclusive.



  1. Just watched Tretton cough that one out.

    Many kittens died around the world.

  2. It would be stupid for Sony to miss the holiday season with the Vita, especially if they want a strong launch.

  3. I can’t say that I’m not surprised!! That said, the end of the year is going to be an expensive time for me with so many good games coming out at that time, so a few extra months to save up for the Vita is no bad thing!! ;)

  4. Considering the good pricing on the PS Vita, there will be a high demand, so with Tretton’s word on it, I really doubt we’ll see it this year in Europe.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if Agent was longer an exclusive title for the PS3. Console exclusivity seems to be more and more tenuous these days, thinking about Mass Effect, and the GTA DLC before that, and this far into the a console’s life cycle it seems a bit much to using exclusivity as a console unit-shifter. I don’t think it would be a disaster to lose an exclusivity deal on a game, nor would it be a massive surprise.

    Bad news on the Vita if true though, not being able to get the product to market before the Christmas rush wouldn’t help the European launch much.

  6. I get a few extra months to save after possibly purchasing the PlayStation 3DTV! :)

  7. I’ve never understood it. Is it such a feat to launch a product at the same time arount the world?

  8. I’m not really digging the 3D TV since I shipped out money to get myself a new HD screen last year :/ Personally, the extra time wouldn’t bother me as it would give me more time to save for it.

  9. Geoff Keighley after the interview said and before the nintendo thing said Vita out in the US this calendar year so either he’s wrong or Jack got it wrong and he’s correcting it

  10. I know I’m being selfish here but a spring launch would suit me down to the ground. More time to save up as this years games wanted list continues to bankrupt me.

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