Wii U Hardware: What We Know

The Wii U Console:

  • IBM Power® multi-core processor.  No word on number of cores or clock speed.
  • GPU – Unspecified, but probably an AMD GPU like the GameCube and Wii.
  • Backwards compatible with the Wii.  GameCube compatibility unspecified.
  • No Hard Disk Drive.
  • Built-in flash memory.  Size unspecified.  Can be extended via SD card or by USB drives.
  • USB connectivity is four USB 2.0 ports.
  • Video formats supported: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i.
  • Video output: HDMI and Nintendo’s AV Multi-out.
  • Audio: 6 channel linear PCM via HDMI.  (6 channel is likely 5.1 surround.)
  • Optical Drive: New ‘high density’ format (so not Blu-ray) 12cm optical disks. Will play Wii optical disks.   Slot loading as with the current Wii.
  • Connect up to four Wii remote controls (or Wii remote control pluses).  Your nunchucks, classic controllers, classics controller pros and balance boards will all still work.


The Wii U Controller:

  • Screen: 6.2 inch, 16:9 widescreen.  Resolution unspecified.
  • Screen is touch-sensitive.  Almost certainly resistive, not capacitive.
  • Stylus is stored in the top edge of the controller like the 3DS.
  • Buttons: power, Home, d-pad, start, select, A, B, X, Y.
  • Shoulder buttons: L and R, plus twin triggers ZL and ZR.
  • Accelerometer and gyro for sensing your waggle.
  • Rumble/vibrate.
  • Front-facing camera.
  • Microphone.
  • Speakers.
  • Headphone socket on the top edge.
  • Looks like a covered AC Adaptor port on the top edge too.  No word on the controller’s battery capabilities.
  • You can also see an expansion port on the bottom edge of the unit in the pictures, similar to that on the Wiimote, though it looks like a different shape.  No word about that from Nintendo.

Source: Nintendo




  1. this looks more like one DSWii U…

    • yea, but not a bad thing imo. the console its self seems like its going to be left behind once the PS4 and new xbox comes out, but the controller seems to open a huge opportunity to be creative.

      The pad would work great for RPG’s, FPS, action games and racing. Lots of data could be displayed on that screen. Be it, weapons, maps, stats or a second screen when you are controlling that robot in MGS4 lol

      • Just think though, it would really screw with your eyes having to refocus continually between the pad and the main screen. That’s why HUDs work so well

  2. Is the screen hd? If not what kind of resoloution are we talking about?

    • Nobody knows at the moment.

      But really it doesn’t need need HD on a 6″ screen. If they were to use eg. a capacitive screen with HD support and multi-touch support on it, the price would be to high.

      It doesn’t need to have HD (NGP is not HD eg. and looks great), it doesn’t need to be capacitive, it doesn’t need to have multi-touch for it purposes. This is not a standalone handheld console which has to compete with the PS Vita.

      Oh yeah btw, PS Vita doesn’t

    • “HD” is just a general term to describe a high resolution.

  3. I’m just not feeling it with this new console. I personally think even though they are trying to re capture the hardcore players again it will still end up just like my Wii, collecting dust. It will only be a year, two tops before this console will be surpassed by Sony/Microsoft’s new machines and i’m not prepared to take a gamble on Nintendo again i’m afraid.

  4. No HDD? Resistive touchscreen? Seriously?

    • A resistive screen is much better for physically writing on with a stylus. Besides people get on with it on the DS and its counterparts.
      No HDD is possibly restricting itself from the get go in terms of online functionality such as downloads and updates too. How many developers release a properly functioning game the way they intended to? There are always bug fixes a few weeks down the road!

  5. Is that console real, I never seen it on the E3 stream?

    • It is, it was on the E3 stream.

      • Crap…. missed it :/

  6. I’m calling it:
    This generation’s Dreamcast.
    Hopefully it won’t have the same effect on the publishers.

    • Hope not….

  7. Sort of.wanna play it but I felt let down by the wii ( don’t get me wrong its got a few great games to play together with friends) so if they get the core games then it might appeal as I’ve always had a soft spot for nintendo

  8. I think it May struggle. All wii crowd might not move on from wii. Casual gamers are fickle.

  9. +1 @colnshan1990 it has the same screen un pad tech 2011 style instead of 1999

  10. Hmmm, I was expecting a next generation console. I may be mistaken but this looks a lot like an Xbox 360/PS3 with a different controller. I’m not sure how well it’ll do against Wii, Kinect, iPad and PSVita. The market has changed so much since Wii was first released. Where there was once nothing for families, there is now a whole range of products all furiously competing.

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