Xbox 360 E3 Trailer Catchup

We would hope that any of you not working nights were around to catch Microsoft’s E3 press event, but in case you missed it for any reason here are trailers for some of the games that were featured that we have not posted yet.

First up is a youthful Master Chief in Halo: Graphics Combat Evolved Anniversary:


Next we’ve got the Xbox LIVE Summer of Arcade show reel featuring fruit ninjas and insane planets:

Another chance to see Kris’ most hotly anticipated title:

The surprisingly interesting looking Kinect Fun Labs (cue 88mph and 1.21GW jokes):

Try and contain your shock as a sports title gets an annual update:

Make the most of being Forced along the rails in this slasher flic (you are the X-Wing):

And finally a game which isn’t half as irritating when you can’t see the scripted-kiddies playing it on stage:

We have yet to see any new Forza footage from E3 and the Gears of War 3 gameplay we saw yesterday has not been circulated by Microsoft yet.  Maybe that’s a comment on Ice T’s gaming?



  1. Whilst the overall balance might have been too much in Kinect’s favour, I was really impressed with quite a bit that it offered; Star Wars, Disneyland, Sesame Street & Kinect Labs looked great for me and my little one and Ubisoft showed up on MS’ stage with Ghost Recon which made good use of Kinect in a proper FPS for the first time

    Quite impressed overall, not that I own a 360 (yet)

  2. Great Scott! The Halo remake looks pretty fab, but the Chiefs visor is not as cool as in the old one, it’s taller in HD. And the Fun Labs stuff looks interesting.

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