Dragon’s Crown Announced For PS3/Vita

British-based Ignition Entertainment will be publishing a new side-scrolling adventure game for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita titled Dragon’s Crown. Developed by Vanillaware, up to four players can band together in a “nearly endless online adventure” which promises some sort of interaction between Sony’s home console and upcoming handheld device. If socialising isn’t your thing, Dragon’s Crown also allows solo play.

Source: Press Release



  1. busty lol – looks alright, reminds me of that old Megadrive game with little elves that threw out potions when you hit them, can’t remember what its called now. Looks good anyway

    • Nanananaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Golden Axe!

      • Haha ‘old Megadrive game with little elves that threw out potions’ come on dude! Your birthday gift has to be a retro console so you can enjoy the good times of ol’!

      • Though you are addressing Bilbo, I would also like to admit my negligence towards retro gaming. Golden Axe is probably one in a dozen retro games I can still get in to.

      • I forgot the name, I was in a rush to comment first ;-)

        Its a classic, and I didn’t actualy have a Megadrive, but I used to go round my mates and play Royal Rumble/Echo the Dolphin (crap) and many other quality games.

        Birthday is in October, I will get me some retro gaming thingy to make up for my terrible memory :(

  2. Dang! This is the thing I’ve been waiting for! Finally a HD side scrolling beat ‘m up in the tradition of FF/SoR/Guardian Heroes! (Castle Crashers was cool, but too cartoony).

  3. Do we know yet whether on games like this we need to buy both PS3 and Vita versions, or will it be like the PS1 Classics that you can just play on both?

  4. Did that sorceress have boobs? I couldn’t tell – can’t have been big.

  5. PSV looks better by the day. The style of this game is quite quirky in it’s use of 2D characters and enemies, plus the side-scrolling element feels both new and old. I grew up with Streets of Rage, not Golden Axe, but I can appreciate it’s similarities :3.

  6. Looks ok from the trailer. Will keep an eye on it.

  7. Not my style. At least they got the female physics right! ;)

  8. May contain content inappropriate for children? I thought babies loved massive norks.

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