Wii U’s Disks Are 25GB

We now know that the Wii U’s proprietary optical disks will store up to 25GB of data. Speaking to Kotaku, one of Nintendo’s chief game designers, Katsuya Eguchi revealed that little snippet of information.  Though asked he did not comment on the size of the Wii U’s internal flash memory.

You are probably well aware that the Blu-ray disks that the PS3 uses store up to the same 25GB in their single layer versions, though up to 50GB when dual-layer disks are used.  It strongly appears that Nintendo are aiming to at least achieve parity with the key strengths of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


To make it easy for third party developers to support their new console Nintendo will need to make porting to and developing on it as easy as they can.  The impressive list of software titles already revealed to be heading its way at least suggests that the studios think Nintendo might have succeeded in that goal.

Without a HDD though that 25GB disk will need to be spinning in a drive that provided a better data transfer rate than the Blu-ray drive in Sony’s PS3 can manage as HDD installs are obviously out of the question.

What if, HDD aside, the Wii U does manage to match the key strengths of the 360 and PS3 while using their experience and the Wii U’s later arrival to market to avoid some of the things that have proved to be handicaps?  A console at least as good as either of the others for gaming (forget about media support, Nintendo aren’t interested) with a new innovative controller.  Are Nintendo already defining the next generation?



  1. ‘Once uppon a time’, they said the same about GC… That they wouldnt use regular DVD’s… Guess what? They used normal DVD’s…

    Do you guys actually trust Nintendo at all?

    • Hey, they were MINI-dvd discs, that’s totally different!

  2. Defining next generation? I don’t think this new Wii even meets the standards of next generation. If it’s aiming itself at the PS3 and 360 then surely it is going to be decidedly this gen.

    I’m quite happy waiting for the PS4 myself.

    • I was thinking the same, just didnt have time to post :P

      How can they aim for the ‘next generation’ whey they took what? 6 damn years to release hardware similar to PS3//360?

      ‘Bout big effin time…

      I am, as a Sony fan, very proud and happy about Kinect (yes, even being Microsoft’s). Future is that, no pad, no tabs, no crap… Yet Nintendo WILL release another USELESS piece of hardware? What for? Is it really needed to have a pad on the floor showing a two-dimenssions golf ball so we can use the OLD stick to hit it with? Come on…

      Nintendo’s 2011 E3 ===== Biggest E3 Failure of all times.


      • They’ve got so much to catch up on, & their consumers are majorly casual gamers who won’t want an expensive console like this. It’s aimed all wrong, in my opinion.

    • What really confuses me is who they think will buy this. People with only a wii will surely either stay with it or move to the two established platforms. Why would anyone pass up the chance to buy a ps3 or 360 which will be much cheaper? Ps3 can effectively do exactly what Wii U can do by using ps vita. If Sony show people that I see no reason why people will need Wii U.

  3. Still no specs! The disc size is the last thing we need to know. Have they confirmed there is no hdd? It must have some form of internal memory. I just don’t get why they’d release a console with no hdd, sounds crazy to me.

  4. Nintendo just seem more than a little late to the party. Its to do more than current consoles do. Why would most bother with this if they already have a ps3 or 360? The irony now is that at the end of the generation the wii may end up third as a result of this.

    • The Wii (i.e. the first one) is very much ahead of the PS3 and 360 in terms of sales and I think it will stay there well into the next generation. They are late in terms of providing the more powerful hardware, but financially they’re still probably going to sell the WiiU at a profit like they did with the Wii.

      • They may be ahead on sales… In quality, for me, they are YEARS BEHIND Commodore.

        Almost everyone has an iPhone today… Do you think Apple is big because of that? Come on…

        Up until Kinect, Nintendo could be the most reliable enterprise (in terms of ‘evolution’) but this? F’s sake…

        They should, honestly, stop releasing thousands of versions of Mario (see, Zelda, Kirby, Donkey Kong, etc) and get people thinking on hardware again.

      • Why would anyone buy a Wii after the Wii U is out (around this time next year)? The Wii sales will slow around the world like they already have in Japan. The Wii’s lead isn’t so much that it can’t be caught, it’s still around 30-40m short of the ps1 lifetime sales and about 25m ahead of the 360. It’s not unlikely that the Wii, PS3 and 360 all break 100m mainly because the PS3 and 360 will be the main console for their manufacturers for a far longer time than normal. The PS3 and 360 are really just hitting their stride with sales (though there’s a question mark about whether Kinect can keep the 360 sales going long term), the Wii has seen its best years. The Wii U makes catching the Wii the easier and MS are already expecting to pass the Wii in the US this year.

        The cost of Wii U maybe the only thing to keep the Wii selling in a couple of years (Nintendo are quoted as it costing over $250) but the attractiveness of the Wii decreases the moment a newer model is available.

  5. It’s probably just blu-ray discs with a proprietary file system and no blu-ray movie support. That’s how the Wii and Gamecube worked with DVDs.
    ‘Wii Optical Disc Format’ = DVD
    ‘Wii U Optical Disc Format’ = Blu-Ray

    Gets around licensing costs.

    • This is probably true. Nintendo don’t want to take over your TV like sony and ms do. This is further backed up by the massive screen on the controller – stating that play can be resumed whilst the TV is in use by something else!

  6. what?
    it doesn’t have a hard drive?

    i can’t imagine they got ea’s support without the possibility for dlc downloads.

  7. How can this console not have a hard drive, people are already eating their way through their 250gb of 360 and PS3 storage. I think it’s good that the disks are matching the blu-ray, or at least their single layer versions, it avoids storage problems that are currently plaguing the 360, but it will now have it’s own with the lack of HDD. I just feel this is a bit late coming to th eparty like others have said. But then maybe Ninty are just looking for something to ride out the rest of this gen.

    • Which is why you buy around a 1TB HDD 7200rpm for around a hundred bucks and then hook it up to your console of choice.

      • I forgot as well, maybe DLC would be stored onto the disc’s for the game? Like if the disc is 25GB’s the last 5GB could be used for DLC? Just a thought.

  8. Yay, no installs…

  9. I was really interested to see if the Wii U would feature DLNA, its a real kick in the nuts for me that it doesn’t and is something that will ensure it will never get top positioning under my main TV

    • It could have been great if it had a hard drive and could stream video, games, music, internet etc.. to the Wii u controller. The features that could have made it great are all missing.

      Wnad when are Nintendo going to release some new “core” IPs. How many times can you remake the same games as well?

  10. I can’t wait for the Wii U. Not because I want one, just so I can take my cheap ass and finally buy a Wii just to play Donkey Kong.

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