An Assassin’s Creed Game Is Heading To Wii U, But What One?

So Assassin’s Creed will finally be making its way to a Nintendo home console, but what game are we getting? It would be extremely difficult to jump into the new ones without first having a great deal of back-story explained.

Well for now Ubisoft is remaining tight lipped, only saying it will be “the best Assassin’s Creed experience we can deliver”.


They have also said the Wii U is very easy to develop for, thanks to its multi-core architecture and huge memory.

Source: VG247



  1. For the people who only own a Wii or Nintendo console I’d hope for them that they get some sort of triple pack – I know that’s a massive task but are their disks just capable of such a game – they are massive after all. I won’t be getting a Wii-U so you can see why I won’t want them to get an alternative game with extra story elements that aren’t featured in the other console games :p

  2. Port of the AC Facebook game.

  3. Could just do what Capcom did with DMC4?

  4. Hmmm this may just start to sway me.

  5. *Which One


    Anyway, it won’t make difference to me as I’ve played them all anyway. I’d like to think they’ll start with the first one, but I’m betting they won’t and will opt to provide back-story another way.

    • Or they’ll start with something new as the Demond/Altair/Ezio storyling is reaching a conclusion with AC Revelations before the Wii U is launched. My guess is that this will be AC3 with new characters/story etc.

  6. I’d expect them to create a whole new experience a like the PSP and mobile games.

  7. I know its too early, but hearing that devs are looking to produce quality games that the xbox/ps3 are getting for the Wii U aswell, is good news.

  8. Why not just release all four of them in one collection? Ubisoft will be rolling in ka-chings if they do that.

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