BG&E PSN Price Adjusted

There were a few shocked faces this week when Beyond Good & Evil HD was released at a price of £12 on the PSN. No one knew why a game costing about £7 on the Xbox would vary so drastically on the PS3.

Well it seems it was an error, as the EU PlayStation Twitter account has just confirmed:


“Beyond Good and Evil was priced incorrectly, this has now been changed to £7.99/€9.99. Customer who bought at higher price will be refunded.”

Well why are you still reading this? Go! Go now!

Source: EU PS Twitter



  1. So, what is the new discounted price (PS+)?

    • Assuming it’s still a 20% reduction, then I think it works out at £6.39/€7.99.

    • Prob £6.40

    • £6.39.

      and there’s a trial

      • For £6.39 I think I’ll get it, was going to last night when I signed up for my free PSN but was put off that it was a tenner with the discount.

  2. was a little pissed after reading the title but im now glad i will be refunded since i already bought it

  3. I love that they say ‘customer who bought it’ as in ONE person paid £11.99! And now we know WHO it was! Nice work, Jim! :)

  4. Good to hear this, I’m off to buy it right now!

  5. Forget that. What I was pissed at was the cheek of Sony trying to charge £50 for Infamous 2. You can buy the boxed version for £38 so how do they justify £50 for a digital product? Disgraceful.

    • Did you not read the debate about this on yesterdays comments section in the article where the price was listed? We don’t need to have the same debate again, surely?

    • Probably because of prices like this:
      They can’t afford to undercut their retailers, and with Amazon charging that much in France, well…
      People in the UK, and to a lesser extent, Ireland, are lucky with what we pay for games.

    • Just buy the retail version, no point getting annoyed by it. Win win really, cheaper and the option to trade in later.

  6. Not even looked at this yet, may have to put it on my wish list for later.

  7. Ahh this is the danger of me putting so much money on my wallet at once…looks like I’ll have to get it. Does it have trophies?

    • yes it does, doesnt have a platinum though just the 12 like most PSN titles

  8. well done Sony, took your time though ;-)

  9. Good stuff. GTOWN will be happy!

  10. Well hurrah and huzzah; Sony, all is forgiven. Almost.

    • *UPDATE* I played the demo last night and thought it ain’t for me. Go on, hate me.

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