DUST 514 Won’t Require Subscription

In a recent interview, CCP Games CTO Halldor Fannar has confirmed that DUST 514 won’t follow a subcription-based business model. The recently unveiled first person shooter works in tandem with CCP’s flagship title, EVE Online, an economy-driven MMO known for its devoted fanbase and £13 monthly subscription rate. Fannar explained that after players have purchased the full version of DUST 514, they don’t have to spend a penny more. However a number of premium buffs and items will also be made available, though these can be bought with the in-game currency too.


During the interview, it was said several times that DUST 514 would be available to download, which prompts the question as to whether the game will also launch at retail. If it is confirmed to be download-only this also raises concerns as to how much content players will be getting for their buck.

CCP are hoping to launch DUST 514 next summer in tandem with an EVE expansion which will fuse the two games together.

Source: Gametrailers



  1. Very, very excited for this.

    • Same here. It’s certainly one of the most ambitious games out there, and hopefully I will like it enough to get into the whole corporation/economy side of the EVE universe. However, a game of such scale might easily go tits up :(

      • Me too, the concept is brilliant. On your PC you can wage war. Then on your PS3 you ncan take part in that battle. Erm, is that right?

      • Yeh, that’s the gist anyone. Basically PC players are the fleet commanders and politicians of the EVE universe, PS3 players are the grunts and mercenary captains who do the dirty work. However, in the interview Fannar briefly mentioned that PS3 players can form clans, though whether they can stand against EVE players as an independent outfit has yet to be fully detailed.

      • The main idea I believe is your a merc. EVE Players and corporations already fight over planets. Now, they can hire you as a merc for ground assaults and such. Things like that.

  2. Very good. I’m not one for subscriptions. Will be keeping an eye on this.

  3. That’s great news, I don’t know how DCUO is doing but I think if it had adopted this method there would be a lot more customers – including me. As I here EVE Online is great – although nowhere actually tells you what you do on it – I am excited to play something that’s remotely like an MMO as I have yet to play one on console.

    • DCUO is fantastic, though admittedly, the £10 monthly sub is stressing, especially if you’ve forked out £30 for the disc too.

      I’m really looking forward to DUST 514, simply because I can be a part of a persistent universe, and as the trailer suggest, as a grunt I can be responsible for the destruction of an empire EVE players have spent years building.

  4. I hope that money gets transferred between the games, and that if you have an EVE subscription, you get the DUST premium content and vic versa. That’s how it should work anyways.

  5. Haven’t heard of this until now, but what you are all discussing here makes it sound really interesting. This is the game confirmed for vita too, right?

    • It’s not confirmed, but they definitely mentioned vita link-up, just not what that entailed.
      It could be something as simple as an app telling you what’s happening in the world or maybe the game itself, or anything in between.

  6. I don’t think you’ve heard this from your artcile but Dust 514 won’t be a Retail release because it is going to be a Free-To-Play game supported by Micro-Transactions.
    Look here: http://playstationlifestyle.net/2011/06/07/dust-514-for-ps3-to-be-free-to-play-online/

    • Isn’t this article just referring to what’s reported here…that it’s not a subscription model?

      • Erm nope. That article is showing that it’s free to play. In this article he states that Fannar says players will have to purchase the full version of the game but they don’t.

  7. And Mason, it is coming to the Vita yes

  8. @Mason No this isnt being released on Vita as well. But if it were then god damn that’d be impressive.

  9. @OneDown Yes it is, CCP announced it would on stage at E3…
    Read the end of the first paragraph here http://uk.psp.ign.com/articles/117/1173221p1.html

  10. Very interested to see how it all works, one to watch definitely.

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