Nintendo E3 Trailer Round Up

Howdy partners, just for you I have donned my leather chaps, cowboy hat, cracked my trusty whip and corralled a herd of escaped Nintendo trailers into the page below. Be careful, some of them are mighty frisky!

First through the gate is a new trailer for ‘Kirby Mass Attack’ on the DS in which a swarm of hungry Kirbys eat everything they can find and surf through the air on a golden star. (YouTube)

The next game entering the pen is ‘Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights’ for the 3DS. The game, published by Konami, finds the titular Doctor and his young assistant Sophie transported to 19th century Paris where they must solve puzzles and avoid a massive lawsuit from a certain Professor. (YouTube)

The ever popular ‘Animal Crossing’ makes it’s way to the 3DS and features dangerous wild animals that should be shot, skinned and turned in to a tasty stew. The tree hugging hippy games developers seem to think that chatting to the critters is more useful, the fools.  (YouTube)

Fof the final trailer Sonic and his mustachioed chum, Mario, head towards London for the 2012 Olympic games in the deceptively titled ‘Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games’. Be warned, this video contains baton twirling. (YouTube)



  1. Although these particular trailers don’t suggest it, Nintendo really did own this years E3 in my opinion. The 3DS lineup looks fantastic (especially Luigis Mansion2) and the new Wii looks innovative and ambitious, things other games companies seem to lack these days :(

  2. Yep… Good stuff.

    Did they admit for real that they took footage from xbox and ps3?

  3. Good line up of games.

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