Grubby Hands Announces ‘David Haye’s Knockout’

Developer ‘Grubby Hands’ has today announced ‘David Haye’s Knockout’ for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Apart from having the best promo picture ever, showing Haye punching the head off a boxer, the game sees you take on the role of the champ against an “anonymous Russian heavyweight”.


Using a mix of offence and defence you have to take him down, with the added bonus of being able to punch the Russian’s head clean off if you do enough damage. This is the future of boxing, people!

Random fact time: The game was created by Haye’s cousin, Danny Haye-Pearce, the director of Grubby Hands Limited.

The game is out today.

Source: Press Release





  1. HEAD and shoulders this is the best promo picture I’ve seen…

  2. Dunno about anybody else, but peeing off the Klitschko Brothers would not be top of my list of things to do.

    They’d better get this released ASAP, because I have an awful feeling Haye’s stock will be quite a bit lower after the fight

    • It’s out today, forgot to mention

  3. Mr Hayes is a veh nice bloke indeed, met him at an Activision bash last year. Not quite sure about decapitation in a boxing game though!

  4. Looks pretty neat actually. Might give this a shot.

  5. Cannot wait for Haye V Klitschko

    However, interesting take on boxing. I suppose it needs something unique to stand-out on the App Store

  6. Decapitation ?…. Barbarian ftw!

  7. Looks mortal kombat insprired…

  8. Looks like he’s just smashed Rooneys face off his body ! :S

  9. Saw a tweet bout this…

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