ICO and SotC Collection Screens Are In

Following on from the announcement that the ICO/SotC collection will be released in September, some screenshots have turned up on GamesPress (hence the helpfully large ‘GP’ stamped all over the place).

I’ve said it before, and no doubt I’ll be saying it another three or four hundred times, I simply cannot wait to play the remastered versions of these classic games.


Time to go and mark the days left on my calendar…



  1. I’m not sure whether I should get this.
    I’ve just didn’t ‘get’ ICO, but I only ever played the demo.
    SotC was good though. Never completed it lol.

  2. Really just want play SotC, ICO looks a bit boring. How long is SotC roughly? (gameplay hours I mean)

    • Not long, fella. Six hours plus. Didn’t feel overly long.

  3. Can’t wait to get my hands on… the God of War Origins! Hehe, this I can wait for but this is why:

    I am amongst those that have never played ICO or SOTC and from what I hear from the developer and others is that ICO is a cinematic experience, SOTC is more gameplay, and TLG will be another cinematic experience but all have the same theme of bringing emotion to a game? I could be right on the money or way off but that doesn’t matter, those screens look.. erm.. misty? I don’t feel the same way as most who love this to come out and I don’t get what the fuss is about [I have a similar feeling towards Flower too] but I will play the games when they’re out :) [except Flower cus I don’t buy PSN games]

  4. looking forward to this but very happy to be getting the Splinter Cell Trilogy this week as well great set of games.

    • Thought it was out on July 22nd.

      • yep shopto just changed the date.

  5. I know I *should* buy this as it’s a ‘classic’, but I found SOTC the biggest pile of dull repetitive bollocks this side E4’s Friends output.

    It is seriously tedious and I’ve never managed to get why everyone goes “Ooh ahh, story, heartbreaking, visuals, wind, horse, ooh, ahh, story!” and not “Hang on, shouldn’t there be a game in here somewhere, rather than just ten boss battles?”

    • There there never mind, another COD will be along for you soon.

      • No need to be so condescending, dude.

      • OK so the game goes like this..

        1> Jump on annoying to control horse
        2> Spend ten minutes traversing a dull plain for ten minutes
        3> Find beasty
        4> Kil beasty by climbing up it stabbing the weak spots
        5> Spend another ten minutes travelling back to the temple.
        6> Repeat 1-5 nine more times.

        Thats it. That’s all there is to the game and after about beasty 4 it’s terribly tedious.

      • What? they can’t overfishing gonna kill them all

      • Step 5 doesn’t happen, you get struck by the black evil tenticles and warp back to the Temple. Look, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, the whole point of SOTC was the serenity broken up by the daunting fact that you have to destroy these Colossus in the name of love. I get that you don’t get it and respect that but that doesn’t mean that SOTC and especially ICO are seen by many as the work of genius. And just for the record, I like fps shooters as well but not so much COD, that game has done more damage to gaming than good in my opinion.

    • I fancied typing a proper reply to this as I touched on this recently in a chat with some of the TSA folk.

      In its simplest (and non-patronising/condescending form) it’s to do with our own respective minds. Just like films, art, books, etc, we all have our favourites. We all have our treasured titles that resonate with us at a level we often forget possible. Shadows of the Colossus and Ico are two incredible titles that look to strike a chord with the gamer. To involve them in a beautifully simplistic world where your emotions attach to the lead character (and in SOTC, your equine friend) at a level we don’t often see in gaming. With Ico, it’s a beautiful world that teases us as we try to escape the castle. However, add to this that Princess Yorda is with us on your trails and you hold hands through so much of the game. Resting gently on the cold, hard sofas when we ‘Save’.

      (Did you know if you leave them there long enough Ico will drift off to sleep with Yorda staying alert for a minute longer then finally joining him in slumber as she leans across and holds his hand for comfort). It’s moments like these that make the game incredible; that elevates it above the usual fodder we see before us and garners praise from across the globe.

      SOTC is equally powerful but in different ways. To avoid going into detail here, it simply comes down to who we are as a person. We might “get” it or we might not. AG2297 and I were talking about these salient points not a week ago and Adam (AG2297) highlighted how he doesn’t feel his heart yearning to play these games as Adam simply might not feel that initial resonance I mentioned. Tuffcub… you are the same. There’s nothing wrong with that but I fancied explaining why people go on about both titles with such fervour.

      • Ah, tc, I see you’ve replied. See how you listed the actions? There’s no emotion attached to your numbered list. It was always going to fail as a game as it’s absolutely reliant on such a thing happening. I would recommend you don’t touch The Last Guardian for fear of an aneurysm. ;-)

      • No there’s no bloody emotion because the tedium gets in the way. The first couple of levels are lovely, ooh, ahh, wooo, I was enjoying the story, but then you realise you have to repeat the same action over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

      • I desperately don’t want to say “ah, then you’re not getting it” but I think I might have to. It’s not meant horribly. It’s meant in the same way I don’t get certain films, games, books, etc. I sit there shaking my head at half the stuff people bang on about, matey. It just doesn’t resonate with you and once you’d seen passed the initial wonderment it had nothing more to offer. Bugger. :-(

    • Meh I was never interested

  6. These screens made me remember how much I bloody loved SotC. Will be nice to play Ico for the first time too.

  7. SOTC was always my favorite, the battles were pretty traumatic and what they managed to do with the PS2 ( through a composite cable ) was a bit of a miracle. Being able to play these games in HD at 30fps locked makes me pretty happy.

    fps shooter lovers need not apply though, these two classics are for the open minded.

  8. I’m actually more fussed about ICO than SotC. Can’t wait to get my hands on both games though!

  9. Shamefully I own both games (bought them off ebay a couple of years back), but have never actually gotten round to finishing them. Got half way through Ico & barely started SotC.

    • If you still feel the desire to play them, finish Ico first before touching SOTC again.

      • I’m sure I’ll get around to it at some stage but you know how it goes. You stop playing a game for a few days, something else new & shiny comes along and grabs your attention and then you forget to go back and play the first game!

  10. Looks great, cannot wait to relive Shadow of the Colossus and also play through ICO for the first time, have been wanting to do so for years.

    Can’t come any sooner.

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