90% Of PSN Users Return After PSN Outage

Speaking with Nick Bilton of The New York Times, SCEE chief executive (*and supposed mud-wrestling behemoth) Jack Tretton has talked openly about the PSN breach which took the service offline for the best part of a month. Stating that the April security hack was a “real wakeup call,” Tretton confirmed that Sony now have permanent staff on-hand to deal network breaches in future.

The effects of the outage, especially on PlayStation consumers, was hard to calculate. Some simply abandoned Sony’s home console with others threatening to follow whilst the rest of us sat through the drought hoping that some good would come of it all. According to Tretton 90% of existing PSN users, a whopping 70 million worldwide, returned with Dualshocks in-hand, the “Welcome Back Package” cited as one of the main reasons for the impressive turn-out. Sony expects that number to stretch back to its original count thanks to the PlayStation 3’s strongest video game line-up, including exclusives such as Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3 as well as much-anticipated multiplatform titles; Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, and Skyrim just to name a few.

Source: The New York Times



  1. 10% are idiots. That is all

    • Or those who simply don’t game that often.
      I know I’m the only person who has logged back in my house, out of 4 people. My parents might never log in again, but then again, they only have one game that they ‘play’: EA Sports Active.
      My sister hasn’t logged in yet because she doesn’t need to. She’s still plowing her way through Final Fantasy XIII…

      • Yeah, but they’ve probably didn’t log in for quite some time before the outage and aren’t even considered active accounts?

      • A gaming family! I raise a glass to your kin :)

    • That’s a little harsh.

      But do believe the number is about how many people are connecting to PSN service. The number I would be more interested in is, how many people are topping up by using there bank cards on PSN.

    • I read you’re post 3shirts and just laughed :D you sir are correct ;0) lol

      and then the politically correct users read and take it offensively lol

    • Yeah, I was only being semi-serious.
      I do think a lot of people are ignorant of online security though. Instead of trying to understand it or look for the facts they just panic and overreact.

    • I had an American and Japanese account which I aint bothering with. Playstation is a must. Couldnt be without it…

  2. Wasn’t that said during E3? I’ve watched the thing off PSN so probably later than everyone else, and i still noticed it. :S

  3. I haven’t gone back. Not an idiot.

    • You haven’t? What stops you?

      • He probably isn’t bothered to go back on it yet.

      • Same as myself and as above is correct, i just haven’t been bothered to yet, been doing a good bit PC gaming since the outage and haven’t gone back yet.

    • I suppose you’re the kind that sits at home, shackles his windows and fears for his life at night whenever there’s a car rumbling by or hear strange noises in the night. Hurry, or the shoggoths will catch and feast on you!

      • Maybe wait until he gives a reason before being a dick about it?

      • That is a bit insulting.;) Nofi has plenty of reasons i would imagine. I think he works full time and uses he spare time to maintain the site. Or he is a PC/xbox/wii gamer primaily and only uses his PS3 for exclusives. You never know. Here is the no1 rule here at TSA. Unoffical. Don’t be a knob or die please.:-) Have a happy day

    • seen your gamercard online loads of times?

      • To the Store. I’ve played some Portal 2 and watched some Blu-rays but that’s about it.

      • What difference does that make? What you do once you’ve logged back in is irrelevant.

  4. You always learn more when things go wrong.

    Se a Vida É.

  5. I have 4 PSN accounts and have only used Welcome Back on my main account. I wonder if most of the 10% not downloading are as I am, multiple accounts.

    • I’m quite sure they are. I’ve got 3 or 4 alternative accounts linked to email-adresses I don’t own and therefore haven’t bothered to sign in to.

      • I managed to get 6 free games out of the 5 thanks to multiple accounts. Is the Japanese PSN back yet? I want MORE!!!

      • 6 out of 5? Nicely done mate.

        I got the 4 I didn’t have from earlier, mighty happy too.

      • BACK TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • probably means a PSP game as well ;) i have 3 accounts and have played on 2 of them since its gone back, there are a few people on my friends list who havnt signed back in, mainly due to exams or they generally dont play much on theyre ps3

    • Same here, I have another 2 accounts which I haven’t logged on yet but then again there are like 5 people on my list who haven’t come back since the hacks :/

      Maybe their launch day 60GB PS3 got YLOD…

  6. So just 10% jumped ship not bad

    • + They probably all drowned to :D

    • 90% have returned so far. The last 10% will return when they can be arsed. Alex (nofi) being one of them, I reckon. It’s just about how motivated we are with the content we want to return to. You might find that Sony lose less than 1% but will gain more than that by it being back online so it’s very easy to absorb. The wider-reaching damage was all the negative press and, perversely, that’s been addressed by hackers going utterly mental on a variety of high-profile companies over the past few weeks.

      Misdirection is a beautiful thing. :-\ :-)

      • So now it’s Sony paying the hackers? :P
        What a twist! ;)

  7. Most are probably back as you need it to play online.

  8. Most probably are the 2nd or 3rd account of a person, than of course, there will be some that permanantly turned in their PS3.

    • I’ve multiple accounts, haven’t gone back on all of them yet.

    • Yeah I was thinking exactly that. How many people have multiple accounts, and of those people, who has reactivated all their accounts? I imagine that’s gotta be a fairly high number.

  9. havent gone bk, if nothing else ive been busy playing my 360 and 3ds :)

  10. Of the 70 million accounts, some will just be multiple accounts. I’ve got 4 accounts, but have only logged back in on 2 of them.

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