Another Spell of PSN Maintenance in Europe Tomorrow

If you live in Europe and were planning an exciting early morning online multiplayer session tomorrow, it looks like you will have to change your plans.

The PlayStation EU website has announced that a spell of PSN maintenance is scheduled between 5am and 8am BST (GMT +1).


Sony explains that for a “brief” period in the window users will be unable to sign in and some users may be automatically signed out.

At least the maintenance is so early that the majority of us will be asleep for most, if not all of the period anyway. And if you were planning on jumping online before school, college or work, you have no excuses for skipping breakfast anymore!

No word yet on whether the rest of the world will be facing PSN maintenance, but you can count on us to keep our eyes and ears open for any news.

Source: European PlayStation forums



  1. I like that time. Just before I get up.
    Sadly the PS3 has been hit with Flash Red Light. So it doesn’t really effect me.

  2. This is when all maintenance should take place.

    • Agreed, although this is just in EU, sometimes its worldwide maintenance, so America takes priority… :(

      • Surely for worldwide maintenance, Japan would take priority?

  3. Mwahahaha!
    Student in summer means that I’ll probably be falling asleep when it goes down and not getting up out of bed until two!
    Finally, a maintenance time that suits me! :D

  4. Better timing, can’t complain about this as I go bed an hour before it starts :)

    • Hehe same :p I like the timing of this maintenance just like I like the World of Warcraft one at 3am or something. However I know it can’t be like this all the time as the PSN is not an EU only service.

  5. I kind miss the ” Playstation is undergoing maintenance” message just for old times sake! Lol

  6. thats fine with me as ill be at work when that starts. :)

  7. That’s a great time for maintenance.

  8. Well done Sony, they’ve FINALLY learned about appropriate maintenance timings.

    • And that’s what all the other countries said when maintenance was at a good time for them but poor for the uk!!

      • Not really mate. There is only a 3 hour time different between the UK and the furthest Eastern point of the EU. Currently, London is 19:25, whereas Moscow is 22:25. This is the greatest difference in time to be seen in the EU. Since this maintenance only relates to the EU, it is clearly better to schedule the maintenance for this time (8am – 11am in Moscow, 5am – 8am in UK)than it is for the usual 4pm UK (7pm Moscow) time. Think about your replies before speaking nonsense.

      • Difference*

      • Wow. Read the first few words got bored but thanks for writing that little speech for anyone who read it.

      • Well it clearly shows that you’ve got a distinct lack of attention span if you can’t even be bothered to read one single paragraph! Good work!

      • It’s nice for local maintenances but worldwide downtimes usually suck for us Europeans.

  9. I go to sleep at 4AM and wake up at 11AM so its all cool xD

  10. You’re still asleep at 8am on a Wednesday morning? What do you do for a living?

    Most normal people are already on their way to work during that time.

    • well kaminari some of us well….. UNNORMAL people if there’s such a word are lucky and dont need to go to work if you get my drift. :)

    • Im already well away work by 8!

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