Console Version of Battlefield 3 To Be Shown This Week

Ever since the very first footage of Battlefield 3 hit the web there have been a lot of people questioning just exactly what device the game is running on for those trailers. We obviously know which platforms the game is coming to but the gameplay videos DICE have shown look really good. Perhaps a little too good to be powered by an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

For those of you wondering just exactly what the console version of this game looks like, you’re about to be shown. According to Game Informer, the console version of Battlefield 3 will be showcased this Thursday night on the Late Night Show With Jimmy Fallon.


That’s not all, Jimmy Fallon will also be featuring several other big games on his show this week, starting on Monday night with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. On Tuesday, Gears of War 3 will be shown, followed up by Uncharted 3 on Wednesday. Apparently, Nintendo also have something to show on Friday but we’re not quite sure of what it is just yet.

If you can’t watch the show where you’re at, have no fear. Whatever is shown will likely be available online shortly after it airs and we here at TSA will be more than happy to bring it to you when it does.

Source: Game Informer



  1. Alot of 3s there! COD:MW3, GOW3, U3 and Battlefield3 – Hopefully the latter will be shown on the PS3!

    • I’d imagine it’ll be shown on the 360, multiplatform games usually are but I’d like to see PS3 footage myself.

  2. Hopefully there will be minor changes from the pc version..

    • The PS3 and 360 versions look the same. If you looked carfeully at the E3 gameplay trailers you could see “ps3 and 360” gameplay tabs on the bottom of the screen

      • Yup.
        Some of the E3 trailer’s scenes were from the console version.

  3. Nintendo will probably just being showing off their new controller – making consumers think it’s coming to the Wii by not actually mentioning that it’s for a new console :p

  4. Why does Fallon seem to showcase games on his show? From what i have seen he doesn’t come across as a big gamer? Just find it strange that they do this on that type of show? Imagine Paul O’Grady showcasing F.E.A.R.3 this week? ;P

    • He claims to be a gamer, yes. I question how much he really plays because during a stage demo for Uncharted 3, he had to stop and ask the Naughty Dog employees standing there with him which button shoots.

      Regardless, putting video games out for the mainstream to see? I’ll take it.

    • Every year around E3 he has a “Game Week” on his show. He might not be the most proficient of gamers out there (or even know how to shoot in Uncharted, as Matt says) but I for one am happy any time mainstream media focuses on gaming as a positive form of entertainment. Crowd seems to love it, too.

      • He also had Josh Topolsky from Engadget on his show to present some new smartphones and tablets a while ago.

  5. Get ready to be disappointed.

    • Won’t be disappointed in any shape or form . It’s been clear from day one these where high end pc screens and videos , If it look as amazing as BFBC2 then I will be ecstatic. Can’t wait to play around with the new version of the destruction engine . Now if only another well known shooter would make a new engine for their game it might ignite my interest in it , Not enjoyed a CoD since it went all modern . The single player used to be amazing .

      • I’m hoping that it’ll look a bit better than BFBC2. I’m not saying Bad Company 2 was a bad looking game (far from it), but I’d like to see them v-synch BF3. Bad Company 2 could be prone to the odd bit of screen tear.

      • hoping appearance is alot better than bfbc2.

  6. I’d have thought it would look exactly like the PC version, obviously it won’t have 8 x anti-aliasing & the textures & some effects will have slightly less detail, but watching someone play it on a TV, on your TV or internet stream it won’t really look any different at all.

    And the world will be amazed

  7. I heavily suspect it’ll be the PS3 version on display. From what I’ve heard,the tech for BF3 appears to run better on PS3.

  8. I’m looking forward to this much more than COD.

  9. Basically the gamplay videos were probably from a pc running quad core i7 processors with 8GB RAM on a 50,000×42,000 resolution….haha
    But still, Im looking forward to it! And graphics etc will still be brilliant. Il probably be picking up BF3 this year, as I enjoyed BFBC2. I used to enjoy cod, but I rarely play games anymore, and I can’t be bothered to compete with friends about k/d ratio’s, killstreaks etc. Makes the game too stressful. If I play I want to relax, not play to increase my k/d ratio to 3.89 or something. BFBC2 was more relaxed and fun, e.g being a helicopter pilot was fun! Plus the leaderboards didn’t show the amount of deaths I had so I wasn’t fussed about how well I was doing.
    But yeah no more cod for me, BF from now on unless theres a drastic change in cod. But that wont happen because its designed how its meant to be.

    BF3 ftw! haha

  10. Great, look forward too it

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