EVE Online And Minecraft Attacked

The LulzSec group have targeted EVE Online, Minecraft, FinFisher and Escapist Magazine and their sites and servers have been taken offline by a DDoS attack.

The group are now taking requests via a phone line and Twitter as to which company to attack next and are claiming today to be ‘Titanic Takeover Tuesday”.


EVE online have said “EVE Online and related services are currently offline and will return as soon as possible following investigation of some issues.”

Minecraft is now back online, head guru Notch has just tweeted ‘Looks like we’re back up.. I just hope it lasts!’




  1. Are these guys just one trick pony’s? They just DDoS attack everyone. It’s very lame and pathetic!

    • Yeah exactly. It isn’t difficult to launch a DDoS attack so its not as if they look clever either. They’re proving nothing.

    • Anonymous are DDOS, Lulzsec usually use SQL injection.

      • That’s not what this article and all the other articles say about lulz.

      • I couldn’t do any kind of attack, and I’m generally quite clever. I’d say these guys must be pretty good with a computer to be doing all of this stuff. Idiots, but good with computers.

      • I mean, the lines between Lulzsec and Anonymous are blurry at best, but nowadays, Anonymous don’t do much proper hacking, they just take sites offline with DDoS. In general, Lulzsec like to hack sites and leak information and that requires proper hacking. But yeah, this is just a boring DDoS, don’t see many lulz here… which I suppose is good for normal internet users.

        I’ve now taken the stance that practically all of my information has been leaked at some point (Gawker, PSN, Codemasters), so at this point these hacks are just interesting reading for me.

  2. When will this end :(

  3. Pretty soon I’m gonna need to take up meditation if I’m going to stop myself from hunting these guys down. One by flippin’ one.

  4. “The group are now taking requests via a phone line and Twitter as to which company to attack next and are claiming today to be ‘Titanic Takeover Tuesday’.”
    – You don’t get much lower than this in life… well done guys.

  5. I’d say this is starting to turn into a very disturbing trend. Can’t wait until the hype is over.

  6. Will these people ever get a live?

    • Typing error…What I meant is “Will these people ever get a life?”. I know most ppl would understand anyway, but I want to be sure no one thinks I’m wishing offline days for our xbox360 friends.

  7. I have a horrible feeling Microsoft are next…..

    • Dare them, Microsoft is probably ready for it and will stopped them.

      • I hope they are, not because i dislike microsoft, but because the more people they hack, the more money and hate will be put into stopping them..

    • I would have thought the hackers would have gone after MS straight after PSN and Nintendo….
      hmm.. maybe they’re saving the best for last?

  8. Lulzsec tweeted “Nothing like the great taste of raging gamers for lunch” – nice.

    • And there you got the real motivation for their actions – causing some random damage and annoying as many people as possible. Basically they’re common vandals, but since they’re too cowardly to destroy anything in the real world, they needed to find another way to feel strong. I hope one day they’ll grow up and understand just how incredibly stupid they were. Oh, and I’d really love to see the expression on their faces when they finally get arrested :)

  9. Semi unrelated but it shows that hackers can be the good people in some cases. In Germany a website that was used as a platform for mobbing attacks was hacked and the personal information of the people running the site was stolen. The hackers left a note that said that they would give them one week to turn themselves in to the police or they will leak their personal information.
    A while ago a 17 year old boy got beat up by 20 people and ended up in the hospital. Apparently the attack was somehow related to that website.
    This hack has WIN written all over it.

    • Are you serious?

      • Yes. :)

      • Why would this hack have win written all over it? Eve, Minecraft, The Escapist and FinFisher – none of those sites or services have any malicious intent about them, there’s no justification in a DDoS attack on any of them – and certainly no cause for vigilantism.

      • I was talking about the hack I described in my post. Thanks for using your brain, Dexter…

    • I don’t care.
      We have due process and police for a reason, and vigilantism should not exist anywhere in the real world.
      It certainly should NOT be condoned, no matter what the outcome.

      • You might not care, but mobbing victims of that site probably do care. While I agree that vigilantism should no exist, it did bring a grin to my face.

    • In that case, “this hack has” should be “that hack had”.

      • Beim nächsten Mal schreibe ich einfach direkt in meiner Muttersprache. Vielleicht mache ich da weniger Fehler. :)

      • Anyways, both hacks took place in the past so technically it doesn’t matter.

      • Ha! Right, fair enough – though hopefully we won’t need a next time ;)

  10. I can’t actually put what my honest opinion of this is as it would break a few TSA rules. I shall just call them the biggest trolls on the net and that they should be hunted down.

    • I’m going to take a wild guess that it started something like: RAAAAGE FFFFUUUUUU… is that pretty close?

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