MW3: Spec Ops Shown On Jimmy Fallon

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg, Infinity Ward creative strategist Rob Bowling and Sledgehammer co-founder Glen Schofield all showed up to Jimmy Fallon’s late night US talk show to demonstrate some MW3.

First up was the New York demo that was shown at E3, followed by a quick session on Spec Ops, in which Simon Pegg stepped up to have a go!


Check out the footage below.

Source: VG247



  1. Ooh me likey :) I like the co-op aspect of COD like Spec Ops. It looks like they’ve taken the gun game stuff from Blops to the Spec Ops this year, even though it’s just a simple pick up a weapon kind of upgrade. I know I’ll be playing a lot of this come Christmas time along with all the fantastic amazing awesome stuff that is out then too but that was a nice treat :)

  2. At least he was better at that than he was at Uncharted 3..

    • it was probably on easy, one shot kills anyone?

  3. Spec Ops ‘horde’ mode looks good

    • Looks cool – I noticed the little Headshot and Killstreak bars in the bottom left corner of the screen….I guess you can buy killstreaks to help get through certain waves! Sweet.

  4. looks rather good

  5. spec ops was always the best bit IMO, this looks nice and exciting for COD players.

  6. I have to say, I’m not a fan of Robert Bowling. He could be a bit of a c*ck with his replies when he was Infinity Ward’s community manager.

  7. Pick up that gun. Pick up… pick up that g- just pick up that gun. Somewhat painful.

    • Although I do rather like Jimmy Fallon. He’s more genuine then the other US late night hosts (or he’s just really good at pretending to be genuine).

  8. I dunno about this. Was hoping the Spec Ops mode would be more like the one in MW2. MW2 Spec Ops was fantastic. Hopefully it isn’t all just horde. To be honest it looks like IW and Sledgehammer have tried to make a replacement for Zombies. Disappointed to say the least.

  9. At 1:02secs he is asked with each new release does he feel pressure to top himself ! To which he replies absolutely . Well i dont see anything thats changed since Cod4 . In fact its become extremely stale .
    Remember the huge almighty kerfuffle when all the IW staff walked out ? Fans on gaming forums all over the place claiming this was a disgrace etc and that they’d only buy the new IW game and not another MW game published by Acti , well lets see how true to their words they are .

  10. Looks awesome, can’t wait to play co-op!

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