Rumour: Next Xbox To Be Revealed Within 12 Months

Rumours that surface about next-gen consoles and unannounced games are a dime a dozen these days. The majority of them usually come and go without an actual source being listed which is one of the reasons why we traditionally don’t report all of them. Rumours that pop up and name a specific, well known source are somewhat rare but usually garner a little more attention. What we have today lands towards the latter of the rumour spectrum and definitely deserves a look, albeit a cautious one. is claiming that a “high-ranking industry source at Crytek” has informed them that not only is the next Xbox console in the works, but Microsoft will be revealing it sometime within the next 12 months. Given that time frame, the obvious setting for the reveal would be E3 2012 but there are plenty of other conventions and opportunities between now and then as well.

The source listed from Crytek is claiming that final console specs have not been decided upon but Microsoft are using ‘DirectX 11’ as a starting point for development.

Not only that, but they’re also claiming that TimeSplitters 4 is in development for next-gen platforms, including the next Xbox console. Not a lot of specific information was given other than they’re using CryEngine 3 to build it and it’s already at a development stage where they were able to privately show it at E3 this year.

Someone listing a vague source certainly doesn’t mean this is true but then again, neither Crytek or Microsoft have rushed out to deny it. Grab your tiniest grain of salt and hope for the best.



  1. What better time than E3?

    • There is no better time. Everyone is at E3

      • Well there is. Sony announced both the PS3 Slim and the PS Vita away from E3. Doing this allows for the hype machine to build and means you can use the E3 conference to focus on games and nor specs and other distractions

      • Every is at E3 except Apple, they like to announce things by then selves.

      • Everyone*

  2. A high ranking insider at Sony told my friends dog that the next Playstation will be as powerful as the Sun and fix the world energy problems by having a self contained Nuclear Fusion reactor. Also, it run by burning Bieber clones made in Canadian Bieber farm. And Sony’s launch line-up has Killzone 4 in it and will be developed on the Unreal engine.

    • I’m sorry but Killzone 4 on the Unreal engine would never happen! ;)

    • Can we watch the Bieber clones being burnt, please :}

  3. Well its a given MS is developing a console now, even if the release is in 2015, it’ll give them 3 years to test and avoid RROD again, I blame the people who thought it was good to put two tiny ass fans and a tiny heatsink on a 90nm GPU. Not only that but have the fans pulling heat from heatsinks that are nowhere near the fans.

    Nah I think the showing of the console will be at max two years before the release date so I say 2013-2014 will be the showing at E3.

    Maybe this time round they can give us dual ATI Radeon 69XX GPU chips on the motherboard….?

    • Dual Radeon 69XX’s would be cool, but they would be very costly for the standard version, never mind Microsoft wanting a custom spec, plus there is the age old problem of heat.

      Who elese think water cooling is a good idea? Could have green coolant…. :P

  4. Timesplitters, if it were true, shrewd move, indeed.

  5. I thought they were obessed with shoving Kinect down our throats. I doubt it is next year as the xbox still has a lot of life in it. I’ll give it 2-3 years before MS annouce a new one.

  6. Why U no announc timespliiterz fo ps3?

  7. Sounds about the right timing to me, whilst MS had an interesting E3 conference for the 360, well with regards to last year, there was nothing special and I don’t think there is much life left in the old boy. I look forward to seeing what MS have in store for the 360.2 though. Mainly the name…

    Also TimeSpliters being in development for ‘next gen consoles’ is very interesting, particularly the ‘consoles’ being in plural. I’d hardly call the WiiU a next gen console if it only has the power of the PS360. Have we just, unwittingly had an announcement of the PS4 being in development stated?

  8. Microsoft were first out the door this gen and Nintendo are moving on to their second console in that timeframe so i wouldn’t be surprised to see a new xbox soon.
    Timesplitters though…. why skip a generation with an IP like that?

  9. If its true then thats good news for Microsoft, a great game to release with

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