‘Hole In The Wall’ Games Heading To Kinect

Those of us who are fans of Saturday night TV so bad it’s good will no doubt be aware of ‘Hole in the Wall’. The aim of the game is to make Spandex clad celebrities jump through odd shaped holes in a wall that is rapidly making its way towards them.

Well it will be hitting your Xbox this summer, with Kinect integration. It’s actually perfect fodder for Kinect, and no doubt it will be a laugh with friends.


Oh, yes you did read the headline correctly – “games”, as in there will be a series rather than just the single HinW title.

Source: Joystiq



  1. *facepalms and injures himself*OW. Another shovelware game then.Kinect does have some potential but it is not being used.I think a few people may make fun of the name in a perverted manner.;)And there will be more then one?!*facepalms* I think i had better move away from this article before i end up killing myself via facepalm.:op

  2. I don’t like kinect, but this sounds like it might work well.

    • This is what should have been done on launch day.

  3. My kids will love this. Bring on the wall!

  4. Nice, as long as it doesn’t have Anton Du bleedin Beke as the host it might be quite fun. Games plural is a bit worrying though.

    • It’s going to have Dale Winton, not Anton.

      • Thank the gods of Saturday Night. I can’t place it, but Du Beke rubs me completely the wrong way. Not like Dale. I guess by my own logic, Dale rubs me the right way… Hmm, time to go re-evaluate my life choices.

    • I’m sure Dale would rub you the right way. Beke is like the creepy uncle you can’t stand, he touched you once but said it was an accident.

  5. Not that I have any interest in this, but finally a game where you think, “Aye, that fits” (no pun intended), as opposed to hearing about how they’ve crammed in voice commands (not that you need Kinect for that) or a random gesture into a shooter.

  6. Soiunds like this would be fun – it’s perfect for Kinect, maybe they’ll do a PS Eye version too?

    Not that I want it. Ahem.

  7. does it come with those extremely unflattering silver jumpsuits? or will some peripheral manufacturer sell those separately?
    don’t think somebody wouldn’t sell those for this game, somebody sold a crappy dinghy as a kinect peripheral.

    anyway, this could be a fun drunken party game, but i can’t see many people playing this sober and/or alone.
    drunk and alone, maybe, but definitely not sober.

  8. This would make a brilliant party game. Alone not so sure.

    • Exactly, think people are missing the point.

      Games don’t have to be a mega-budget FPS, action/adventure or a 200hr RPG, games can be just be about having fun with your family or in a party situation.

    • When you say ‘brilliant’, do you mean ‘reasonable’? as Id get very bored, very quickly. Kids might enjoy it though.

  9. this will be great fun with a party

  10. Bring on the Wall!!

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