Killzone 3 “From The Ashes” DLC Trailer’d

ISA survivors and Hig veterans are in for a treat this month, with the release of a third Killzone 3 content pack. Dubbed “From the Ashes,” the latest batch, which will launch on June 22nd, includes four new maps, the Lente Missile Base and Mobile Factory being the only ones announced as of yet. The DLC will be made available to download at a fair price of £3.99 from the PlayStation Store, with a bundle (including the Steel Rain and Retro packs) running at a sum of £7.99. Yes, that’s eight maps in total, yet still a fraction cheaper than the recently announced Black Ops “Annhilation” DLC.


With a bundle having been announced, some are expecting From the Ashes to be Killzone 3’s last hurrah as far as multiplayer content is concerned, which also raises questions as to what new project Guerilla Games will soon be working on.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog



  1. I like the new maps!! And to god price to not buy it!!

  2. very very tempted by the bundle here. started to get tired of the same maps over and over on this game even though its rather specail

  3. sweet… Been wishing for some new dlc of late. Wanted new maps desperately, to give mp back a liile whoomph. 4 maps at £3.99, that’s what i’m talking about. Liking the look of Lente, i must say.

    • liile – like

      • shit lol, so sorry.
        liile – like??? liile – little.

        6am & I havn’t slept, in my defence.

  4. Much better pricing on this map pack than a certain other game. I’ll definitely get this.

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