L.A. Noire ‘Nicholson Electroplating’ DLC Trailer Released

A trailer for the L.A. Noire ‘Nicholson Electroplating’ DLC has been released. The DLC sees an explosion at the Nicholson Electroplating plant, which flattens city blocks. It’s down to Detectives Phelps and Biggs to find out just what went down.

The DLC will be out on June 21st for $3.99/320 MSP. Those with a Rockstar Pass will get it for free.


Source: VG247



  1. wow that looks great, i have the rockstar pass so getting this free, well not really

  2. This should be good as I suspect the best and longer cases were the ones that were cut, so they could be released as DLC. “A Slip of the Tongue” was the first case that I could re-visit suspects to question them again, so looking forward to this!!

    • the two other DLC are great, what do you mean by first case i could revisit? you have confused me

      • Well I found most cased pretty linear but I chose to visti the old guy who ran the printing shop before the other locations, but didn’t get any/much information out of him (if I remember correctly). Then after going to the other locations I went back to him and got more information. It might be that I was supposed to do that, however in most other cases you can only seem to go to a location once, and no matter what the outcome is the story progresses. Thinking about it, the hit and run case you could re-visit the cafe/bar. I’ve been getting 4/5 stars so must be doing something right! :)

      • Yeah, I agree, it was cool that you could visit the suspect several times, made it feel even a bit less linear.

        Glad I’ve bought the pass, looking forward to this next installment!

      • i get what you mean now and completly agree, i though “a slip of the tongue” was the best case on the whole game. And as you said i went to the printers first and never got much info, but on the second go round i was much better, and i managed to play the case different which isnt possible in many other cases.

      • Unfortunately I’ve sometimes done the hard work by unlocking an additional location through correct questioning etc, but then made the wrong decision as to where to go next, and the story has finished :(

        Guess I go to any additional locations first in future!! :)

        A Slip of the Tongue was a great case and as LAN doesn’t want to be defined as a sand-box-shooter (I assume) you really appreciate the shooting sections as they aren’t too often…although I’m only 75% through homicide.

      • i know what you mean, same with the hobo camp in one of the homicide cases, ive completed the game, wont ruin anything for you, but i liked the homicide desk the most

  3. Loving this game, will be getting this as well as the other DLC. Such an engrossing game!

  4. Can someone please tell me what is the BLES code on UK’s LA Noire?
    Haven’t bought it yet but I want to know if it will be compatible with the Rockstar Pass from the Portuguese store.

    • I’m at work so can’t tell you, sorry. And as there are new posts this will get moved down…might be best to visit Rockstar forum for a quicker response!

      • is this the number under the word BLES on the case, mine is 00933 if that helps

      • thank you for the advice ;)

  5. @Origami Killer
    yes that’s the one!
    dammit, it’s not the same :/

  6. Can’t see vid, but will be getting it, as i have the R*pass.
    I read one more dlc to follow after this & that’s it:(

    • I know :(

      I don’t see why a whole new desk couldn’t be added as DLC later on, I would definately welcome it!

  7. Am I right in thinking that the subscription pass on the store is a one time payment for all the additional cases as and when they are released? Or are there more payments to be made? I was unsure.
    Sorry for my stupidity. :)

    • They should all be included in the one price! Bargain.

    • correct… pass covers all present & future dlc.

  8. I have Rockstar pass so will be getting this.

  9. Love it!
    I got the Pass, and by God that teaser looks good.

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