Wii U Videos Pulled From E3 Presentation?

Two news stories have just landed on my desk, both concerning the Wii U and both are slightly worrying.

Develop are reporting that a number of Wii U games were axed from the Nintendo presentation as they did not look particularly good. Games consultancy group, Hit Detection, claims that developers ‘worked hard to deliver titles running on that hardware to demonstrate live at E3.’ The paper states:


However, due to titles not looking much better than what is currently available on Xbox 360 and the PS3, Nintendo decided late in the game to not show those titles and focus instead on tech demos.

THQ said Darksiders 2 was running on development hardware and could have been shown.

You may also recall ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ was featured in the Wii U presentation, so that means it’s confirmed for the console, right? Over to Gary Dunn, Sega Europe’s managing director of development,

We are in the processes of solidifying it but it’s certainly our intent to publish that game on Wii U.

So not quite confirmed then. Probable, but not definite.

Source: Eurogamer / Develop



  1. It kind of makes sense. The quick highlights reel (that did steal footage) did the job of showing off 3rd party support and games well enough. With cross platform titles, though, it’d take until the console’s actual release to show the advantage the WiiU has over the PS3 and 360, even then the advantage is likely to be fairly subtle, and predominantly screen resolution and FSAA.

    It would have been better, then, to say at the conference itself: “Here’s a highlights reel of 3rd party games. We’re going to make it compulsory to be able to render at Full HD, 1080p.” Get the questions over the console’s power out of the way straight away.

  2. Confusing new console is confusing. Still like the sound of it overall though :)

  3. “not looking that much better” is good enough for me.

    Regarding games, it seems no one is allowed to confirm any Wii U titles at the moment, they are all referred to as “prototypes” and “concepts”.

    And the devs get the latest revision of the dev kits to play with next month:

    The ‘current’ dev kits are rumoured to be under-clocked which would be one explanation for games not performing as well as hoped (and not being shown at E3 as a result).

  4. They had better not mentioned anything.

    • They had to, otherwise other consoles and studios would steal e3 show for them ;)

  5. In any case though, just think this will be a repeat of the Wii. Soon to be overshadowed by better consoles :/

  6. more strange moves from Nintendo.

  7. ‘Not looking much better.’ Perhaps that’s a bit embarrassing for them. Considering they’re entering a market where graphics play a role.

    • But implicit in that statement is that the graphics are better than the 360 and PS3, even if not by much, so what’s to be embarrassed about?

      • Its Nintendo so they wont be embarrased but it just shows that once again they’re a generation behind everyone.

        If the graphics are just comparable to 360 and PS3, what they gonna do when Sony and MS release their next more graphically enhanced consoles?

      • They’re gonna release Wii Wii U SuperHD Climax ;)

      • even if they release the HD climax what will happen to the Wii U?

      • Don’t worry, the HD Climax will use the Wiimotes as pocket vibrators and the Wii U tablet as a foot warmer.

      • I think you’re reading way too much between the lines.

        In marketing lingo, “not much better” means actually “substantially worse”.

  8. One thing that confused me about the controller is they explain that you can hide your inventory on it’s screen away from the main screen.. but if you can only have one of these fancy controllers connected to the Wii U that seems a bit silly.. wouldn’t really matter for online play either but I suppose it would unclutter the main screen.

    The only thing that’s really excited me so far is imagine Colonial Marines but using the controller as the motion tracker spinning and beeping away!! that would be awesome and freak me out really bad (If the graphics really are on par with PS3/360).

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