Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Gets Kinect Support

Remember at E3 when Microsoft came out and said all future first-party titles would come with support for Kinect? Well it looks like they are making good on that promise, as it has been announced that Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will come with Kinect integration.

Microsoft Game Studios boss, Phil Spencer, had the following to say:

“As a first-party, we believe that Kinect will be important to all genres of games, be it racing games with Forza, combat games like Ryse. Even games like Halo Anniversary has Kinect integration.”

You get ten points if your immediate thought was “oh, I’m going to use motion control to punch Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson in the nose.”

Source: GameSpot


  1. Wait… So they’re going to fairly extraordinary lengths to make this feel authentic… and then they add Kinect?

    • And then didnt even mention it at E3…where Kinect was shown on everything else.

      What the…?

      • Yeah that’s a great point! Fuck knows what they’re doing then!

      • Perhaps, since machinima from Halo has always been fairly popular, they’re building in full skeletal control in a specific machinima mode?

        That and literally just waving at people are the only two things I can think of as legitimate uses…

      • Massive Halo fan here, already massively pissed off that they’re scrapping Halo CEs multiplayer, and that the majority of the revamp is just Reach assets, I just hope to god that they don’t do anything else to ruin it. I’ll be optimistic for a second and hope they’re just saying that if you have a Kinect then you won’t need a headset.

  2. so ms are set on this course of adding kinect into every title they put out whether it needs it or not.
    wonderful. o_o

    • Kind of like Sony with Move. I mean Move support for basketball games…?

      • makes a lot of sense to me sport game? plus move has buttons so its a no brainier really.

  3. Loved the subtitle

    • Thank you Mick, I only just got that XD

  4. Yeah, I was waiting for this when they said about Kinect coming to “all their first-party releases” or whatever after E3.

  5. Kinect had me at Fruit Ninja. Everything else is a “bonus”.

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